Flow Operator A


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Located in Joshua, TX

Salary: 15.00

  • A Flow Operator is needed at a Chemical company


    Follows all company SOP and Safety guidelines.
    Able to recognize, eliminate, and report unsafe or hazardous conditions.
    Produce quality products formulated by the USP Technical Department, which adheres to customer standards.
    Loads and unloads inbound and outbound raw and finished goods.
    Delegates essential job duties, to the `B'' Operators and or Assistants.
    Understands the basic technology of modifying asphalts with polymers.
    Capable of making rational decisions with minimal directives

    Essential duties:

    100% dedicated to safety
    Learn all required company SOP, MOC and process requirements as well as limitations
    Know and adheres to standards of quality
    Operate and understand company equipment
    Communicate with all employees
    Able to follow instructions and chain of command
    Multi-tasking and proactive



    The `A'' Operator is required work under the authority of the Shift leader''s directives which are handed down by the Operations Manager. `A'' Operators, must follow all Safety guidelines and standard operating procedures, they will unload raw materials and load finished goods. They will be responsible for monitoring equipment gauges, product temperatures, tank levels, and transferring the proper amount of products from tank to tank. A strong understanding of basic arithmetic is required to perform necessary calculations. The `A `Operator must be capable of being trained in a broad aspect of process technology and finished product testing. Operators, will have to demonstrate this knowledge through a written test as well as a hands on review.
    Operators shall be able to be trained in the safe operations of industrial forklifts The job will require an employee to be able to lift at least 50 lbs and climb to elevations of up to 40 feet.
    The `A'' Operator must be willing to perform tasks outside of this description such as general housekeeping, sanitary work, routine equipment maintenance, and data entry. `A'' Operators, must possess basic computer knowledge including the use of Microsoft exchange, e-mail, and word formats.


    Ability to perform essential duties as stated above.
    Ability to read write and understand the English language.
    Excellent math and mechanical aptitude skills
    High school diploma or equivalent

    Pay is $15.00

Express Office: Waxahachie
507 North Highway 77
North Gate Plaza
Suite 516
Waxahachie, TX 75165