Guest Services Representative in Red Wing, MN

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Located in Red Wing, MN

Salary: $12.00/hr.

Are you good with people, a great listener and can cool down tense situations? Guest Service Representatives work in hotels, spas or other locations and help guests get the information or service they need to make their stay enjoyable. This role will also listen to guests in order to help accommodate their requests, whether it''s extra towels, toothpaste, or a dinner recommendation. An experienced candidate will know how to diffuse a tense situation if a guest is dissatisfied with their room or service in the hotel, and does everything possible to make the guest happy. For more information, please call 651-388-6331, email or apply here!


Skills and Requirements:

  • Customer Service/ Communication Skills: Guest service representatives talk, listen and help resolve conflicts with customers. An expert communicator will be able to listen effectively to find the root cause of issues, and communicate clearly and in a friendly way to solve the issue and keep the customer happy
  • Patience: Guest service representatives might have to deal with the confused or irate customers. Having patience will help you stay polite, even in stressful situations
  • Problem-Solving Skills: You will have to solve customer issues, sometimes with out seeing the actual problem first hand. Being able to problem solve with a customer will help your job
  • Assisting with the check-in and check-out process as well as making reservations


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Suite 101
Red Wing, MN 55066