Senior Maintenance Technician

Top Job

Located in Oakland, OR

Salary: $15.76+DOE

Currently seeking a candidate who can maintain, manage and upgrade all aspects of the maintenance department  to provide overall proper maintenance to vehicles, tractors, heavy equipment and all internal roads, as well as completing repairs and upgrades to equipment, buildings and site infrastructure.


Job duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Oversees and maintains the following areas; ensuring that they are completed properly, on time and at or under budget; vehicle maintenance, enclosure and fencing construction, plumbing and electrical systems and building maintenance, and all miscellaneous sanctuary equipment maintenance.
  • Schedules and performs routine upkeep of all equipment and vehicles. Makes recommendations on new equipment options and ensures that all equipment is in good working order. Manages assigned tasks and maintain logs to document all in-progress and completed maintenance. Assists in design and construction of new facilities, animal environments and renovations.
  • Recommends, plans for, and implements construction and enclosure projects. With the Director of Operations, oversees the work of contractors and consultants.
  • Oversees and trains staff and volunteers on proper safety operating procedures of equipment and tools. Inspects projects for completeness. Oversees the work of contractors and volunteers.
  • Implements, develops and/or revises standard operating procedures or other reports; conducts or coordinates safety training. Maintains federally mandated documents to include but not limited to: SDS logs and OSHA. Tests, repairs, or replaces all emergency equipment and supplies on a routine schedule. In the event of a major disaster, responds to the situation as outlined in the current Emergency Preparedness Protocol.
  • Public Outreach - Interacts with the public in person during animal intakes, donation drop-offs, tours, volunteer days, fundraisers, and any other public events.
  • Assist with landscaping as needed on any pasture issues
  • Assist animal care when needed
  • In the absence of the Director of Operations, share responsibility of overnight on-site supervision

Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Good interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License and clean driving record
  • Commitment to the goals and programs of the HSUS, and to compassionate, highest-quality animal care
  • Must be able to work on an unsupervised environment
  • Must be able to operate heavy equipment (i.e. skid steer, backhoe and tractors)
  • Must be able to lift/move up to 50 pounds.
  • Must be able to work outdoors in variable and sometimes extreme weather conditions.
  • Must be able to work with/around a variety of animals
  • Must be able to perform occasional long workdays and maintain focus, accuracy and physical activities required by job.
  • Must be able to negotiate trails and moderately dense undergrowth during rescue operations.
  • Must be able to adhere to all policies and procedures that enforce a safe work environment

Education and Experience Required:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum of five years of contracting, welding, and construction experience
  • Supervisory experience preferred

Full Time/Long Term Opportunity/$15.76+DOE

Express Office: Roseburg
3019 Northwest Stewart Parkway
Suite 305
Roseburg, OR 97471