Corporate Events Coordinator

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Located in Oklahoma City, OK

Salary: DOE

Basic Function:

This person reports directly to the corporate events supervisor and is given a wide variety of diversified event planning assignments. Performance is judged based on the quality of work, application of event planning knowledge, and ability to meet time constraints.


Typical Requirements

Qualified candidates should be customer-service and detail-oriented with the ability to work comfortably under pressure. S/he must be a self-starter and able to work with a variety of individuals with ease while balancing the day-to-day needs of the organization. Requires the ability to work on several projects simultaneously. A minimum of one year experience in an event planning or other marketing-related field – or – a bachelor’s degree in event planning, hospitality, or other related field is required. Candidate should be proficient in the use of Microsoft Word, with some experience in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, with the ability to learn and become proficient with the use of Cvent, a web-based registration processing program.


Essential Functions

  • Small meetings and events. Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and implementing all aspects of all special events and corporate meetings that project fewer than 50 attendees with durations of two days or less, where space requirements include only one meeting room.

Percent of time: 30%                        Frequency: D


  • Administrative duties as needed. These duties include, but are not limited to coordination of assembly projects to include mailings, gifts, name badges, both pre-event and onsite (this task requires requesting and recruiting volunteers); the initial creation of event deadline schedules for every event, with particular emphasis on adjusting dates to avoid weekends and holidays. Additionally, this position serves as the point of contact for all electronic communication items (office phones, fax machines, and email) and will distribute messages as applicable, as well as update and maintain the team contacts list. Also responsible for the organization and tidiness of the event team common areas and storage room.

Percent of time: 15%                        Frequency: D


  • Registration. In addition to creating registration websites and making minor modifications and updates to existing registration websites for all events and meetings, this position is the main point of contact for all registration questions, and will assist registrants when they have challenges. Responsible for researching cause of challenge, finding a resolution, and communicating back to registrant when issue has been resolved. This position will be responsible for sending event communications through the registration processing software. Corporate events coordinator will also prepare registration reports for active and archived events on a weekly basis during open event registration and send to applicable recipients. Additionally, will order supplies for and maintain registration materials, as well as train all registration workers.

Percent of time: 15%                        Frequency: D


  • Research and purchasing as requested. Research requests include venue information, destination information, décor pricing, décor options, new vendors, speakers, office supplies, registration supplies, and other miscellaneous internet research. Corporate events coordinator will assist in distributing any RFPs to appropriate contacts and will receive and consolidate any proposals received. Purchases include linen rental, décor items, office supplies, event supplies, promotional items, etc., and must be approved by the corporate events coordinator in advance. This position is responsible for providing specific information for event details regarding these items in reference to quantities, pricing, installation schedule, and more. The procurement process also includes coding invoices, as well as completing the steps to pay bills.

Percent of time: 15%                        Frequency: W


  • Onsite event implementation. Implementation duties may include acting as the onsite registration coordinator, event coordinator for small to mid-size meetings, onsite VIP coordinator, or other positions as needed. Each position requires a plethora of responsibilities that may include leading a team, extensive customer service, troubleshooting, etc. While onsite, ensures all aspects of assigned duties are implemented and controlled as planned. Also, responsible for preparing an integrated, general crew and facilities installation schedule for assigned events with consultation of supervisor.

Percent of time: 10 %                       Frequency: Q


  • Creative collaboration. All team members are responsible in preparing for and participating in all brainstorming meetings to develop themes, plan décor, and to discuss various aspects of each event, as needed. Additionally, will provide writing or proofing assistance with brochures, scripts, communications, and any other event-related copy as needed.

Percent of time: 5%                          Frequency: M


  • Sponsorship/exhibitor shows. Responsible for planning, organizing, directing, and implementing all aspects of exhibitor/trade shows attached to all meetings. Includes preparation of sponsorship program, communications with approved vendors, customer service work, attendee registration, decorator contract negotiation, etc. May include collections activity.

Percent of time: 5%                          Frequency: D-M


  • Career development. Although promotions cannot be guaranteed, it is required that the corporate events coordinator will regularly learn new job functions for future growth. Additionally, this position will frequently attend educational sessions and read materials related to leadership, event planning, and other job-specific topics.

Percent of time: 5%                          Frequency: M



Tasks are semi-routine or diversified, requiring some judgment in the application of a wide range of established rules and procedures, but within limits of standard practices.


Supervision: Received – Given

Specific direction, work on routine projects without close supervision but seek specific advice on questions within projects.


Accuracy, Accountability and Control

Probable errors may cause inaccuracies in event budgets and printed materials. Errors would usually be detected through standard check and routine cross-check.


Contacts: Internal - External

Contact without supervision occurs daily with group contacts and outside vendors with limited supervision. Contacts are with other departments or divisions, with clients, and with vendors involved in hosting an event.


Confidential Information

Highly confidential information regarding budgets and event-related decisions is discussed daily.  The utmost in confidentiality must be displayed by this position.


Working Conditions

Normal working conditions except when work dictates additional hours – planning and execution of an event. Some work activities require travel and overnight stays for multiple days. Events require lifting and extensive standing/walking, as well as other non-normal activities. During events, high-stress situations arise regularly, and the ability to cope with that pressure is required. Professional office environment and dress code.


Special Assignments

Special assignments may be made periodically.

Express Office: Oklahoma City (Downtown)
500 West Main
Suite 101A
Oklahoma City, OK 73102