Franchise Service Consultant

Top Job

Located in Oklahoma City, OK

Salary: $40,000

Basic Functions

This position requires a high level of discretion and independent judgment. The FSC takes a high volume of telephone calls daily and must accurately answer and advise franchise offices on topics covering all aspects of the business. The FSC’s responses will have a direct effect on each franchise’s operations, profit and loss, legal compliances and reputation and community standing. While working in a high-stress environment, the FSC must ask probing questions to accurately determine the scope and nature of any problem and then research, coach, train and assert that solution as needed. The FSC acts as a payroll supervisor for a multimillion dollar staffing company operating in virtually every state in the U.S., and will manage office adherence to federal and state wage-and-hour laws and coaching the office to use best practices.


The Assistance Center is expected to identify and resolve the vast majority of issues confronting our offices and employees. Despite comprehensive policies and procedures set for the franchise businesses, the FSC must recognize that unforeseen situations will arise on a regular, if not daily basis. Because of this, the FSC is delegated authority as a de facto manager to direct the franchise and, where necessary, correct franchise actions. The FSC must often exercise this authority absent specific direction or existing policy, operating from an understanding of the business model.


Position Requirements

College education is preferred. Prior experience in business-to-business customer service or relationship management is a plus. While prior experience may be diverse, required characteristics include: Diplomatic management skills; an attitude of dedicated service; working well in a team; outstanding work ethic; professional appearance; comfort with a constantly changing environment; good independent problem-solving skills; excellent communication; skilled multi-tasking; a detail-oriented approach; and success handling fast-paced/high-stress situations.


Because of the self-directing and independent nature of the job, this position requires extensive training and orientation. This process lasts for at least 12 weeks, primarily consisting of one-on-one sessions with team members. It begins with exposure to the vast array of issues and potential problems and grows increasingly detailed as the mentor tests each aspect of the prospective FSC’s knowledge, work demeanor and judgment. Additional orientation includes two weeks of new owner training, and one week working in a franchise office.


Essential Functions


The FSC must become expert at all aspects of the franchise and its operations. This knowledge forms the basis for skillfully managing issues faced by the franchises. These knowledge/task areas include, but are not limited to:


Payroll Operations: The FSC acts as a payroll supervisor for a multimillion dollar staffing company operating in virtually every state in the U.S., and will manage office adherence to federal and state wage-and-hour laws and coaching the office to use best practices. Frequent expertise required includes assisting the franchise in auditing payrolls for accuracy, correcting and untangling payroll errors, exporting payroll files and printing payroll checks. The FSC will confront a wide range of complex payroll issues, often made more complicated by erroneous efforts to fix the original problem. Thus, the FSC must be able to use a forensic approach to identify errors and correct them.


Human Resources: – The FSC must be able to advise and where necessary, correct franchises’ practices concerning the selection and hiring of associates, use of drug tests and background checks, and writing proper documentation to avoid discrimination and liability. The FSC will also apply knowledge of Federal and State employment laws to circumstances and situations, including sexual harassment issues, FLSA, Civil Rights, ADA, FMLA, lunch/break times, etc. The FSC must be skilled in researching new or unusual situations and keep up with changes in federal, state and local laws.


Sales: – Achieve expert proficiency and competence to coach franchisees/staff on the sales process, including establishing acceptable pricing (bill rates, payroll burden and GM), documenting and tracking sales contacts, and matching Express solutions to client needs. The FSC will help manage challenges with clients and will direct franchises away from high-risk prospects. Some time will be spent coaching how to most effectively use sales and marketing materials.


Franchise Accounting: – The FSC will have a primary role in management of atypical check issues, such as lost or stolen checks, netting negative checks, and stops, flags and reissue events. Some time will be spent researching employer state and federal tax laws. The FSC will help franchise owners understand and use the sales analysis and business analysis reports; research and manage correction or updating of garnishment and wage assignment issues; and coordinate the issuing of refunds when necessary.


Technical Support: – Determine if caller’s challenge is truly a hardware issue; if not, the FSC will help resolve computer use issues, including access violation errors, addition of user profiles to workstations and other user challenges. The FSC must have thorough knowledge of e-mail, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and proprietary programs, and be able to explain features and troubleshoot accordingly. Hardware and purely technical issues will be logged and forwarded to the first available technician. The FSC should also be alert to call patterns that may indicate a system wide or area trend.


Accounts Receivable: – The FSC must be able to retrieve and interpret aging reports and explain transactions. The FSC will assist the franchise in write-offs, deletion of incorrect direct hire invoices, and should be able to use the E1 system to identify client payment activity. The FSC must use independent judgment to determine whether to approve a credit memo, unsatisfactory work adjustment, and other transactions desired by the franchise.


Benefits: – The FSC must advise and educate on vacation/holiday availability, associate benefit eligibility, provisions of the insurance/401K/ scholarship/etc., enrollment procedures, enrollment deadlines, cancellation procedures, insurance premium deductions, claims processing, COBRA eligibility, and on-line reports and forms.


Sales/Marketing: – Must be able to explain and promote all contests, campaigns, events and marketing initiatives. The FSC will direct franchises to appropriate sales and marketing materials and explain their use. The FSC must keep up with the regular newsletters and the topics in them. Periodically the FSC will assist at ILC and Summit meetings upon request. The FSC must also track franchise successes and contact the offices to celebrate achievements.


Risk: – The FSC takes on a key role in helping franchises minimize risk in all areas. He/she must be able to direct a franchise through the worker’s compensation claim process, be alert for opportunities to place injured workers on light duty assignments, and be aware of positions that may incur greater risk than is acceptable. The FSC will know how to calculate rate costs; be able to explain bonding and recognize liability issues, and direct a franchise how to avoid unemployment claims with practices and documentation.


Franchise Development: – ISO certification is a high priority for Express Services, and by extension the FSC is a fundamental part of preserving that certification. As a result, the FSC is grounded in a complete understanding of the application process, Procedures Manual, Franchisee Handbook, FastFinder, Social Security Number verification procedures, and more. In addition, the FSC must be prepared for regular and ongoing training on any new processes and products.


Express University/Training: – Achieve expert proficiency and competence to instruct the franchisee/staff on the following: registration process, development plans, and certifications. Reset passwords or accounts at user’s request. Address all operational, conceptual and technical questions such as: basic usage instruction, questions concerning validity of the course content, and internet browser settings.


Reports: - Provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly AS/400 reports as requested by offices for continued service to their clients. The FSC must be knowledgeable on the wide array of reports available and be creative in finding ways to meet franchise information needs. The FSC must also be mindful and exercise discretion concerning who is an appropriate recipient of sensitive report information.


Programs/Vendors: – The FSC must be able to train and recommend uses for any and all 3rd party vendor products, including but not limited to: ProveIt, Job Boards, Exact Target, Call ‘Em All, etc.


Outgoing Calls: – Regularly and as needed to follow-up with questions, research and individual assistance. Regular contact to offices to coach daily activities, support our processes and motivate the performance of the franchisees and staff.   Acknowledge the offices when they reach all-time highs in hours/clients, when they achieve Circle status, when it is their birthday and when it is the anniversary of the office opening.


Oversight/Auditing: - Throughout the course of daily work, the FSC is responsible for noticing and investigating aberrant/anomalous transactions and data. Routine franchise inquiries can sometimes reveal poor or improper transactions, errors, or even violations of Express policies or law. The FSC must be alert for such issues, be able to identify and evaluate errors and problems, and counsel and direct franchise to correct those issues.


Policy/Process Assessments and Updates: - The FSC must be able to identify when circumstances require alterations to existing policies, or the creation of new policies to accommodate new developments. The FSC will be called upon to craft policies and training, either individually or as part of a team.



See “Special Assignments” for additional responsibilities of Assistance Center Reps, which are all qualified to do, but may vary given according to strengths and time restraints.




Estimated Time Allocation - Decision-Making

30% - Tasks are moderately difficult and involved, requiring adaptation and interpretation of the established practices and procedures to cover problems and situations to which their application is not clearly defined.


70% - Tasks are new or difficult, requiring judgment and ability to make recommendations and/or decisions where policies or precedents are not clearly defined and are performed under frequently changing conditions and problems.



Supervision: Received - Given

Assistance Center team members are self-supervising, with direct accountability to teammates and other departments in the company. The FSC will occasionally question policies for clarification, and seek confirmation involving highly unusual conditions from a supervisor.



Accuracy, Accountability and Control

60% - Errors could cause inaccuracies in reports or records and may result in dissemination of inaccurate or incomplete infor­mation. Affecting activities based on reports, records, or related recommendations and may, to a limited degree, delay pro­gress of programs or projects involved. Errors would usually be detected before results became serious and would normally be confined to company activities.


30% - Errors could result in losses of material, minor equipment items, working time or external losses of goodwill or accounts. Some errors would be difficult to detect and would not ordinarily be caught by audit or check. These errors would largely result from improper judgment.


10% - Errors could cause serious delays in project completion or may have detrimental effects on customer relationships



Contacts: Internal - External

Internal 10% - Contact as needed with other Express de­partments for fur­nishing or obtaining information and assistance. Job requires some tact to avoid mis­understanding in con­tacts where improper handling could affect results.


External 90% - Contacts are normally made with limited or no supervision and concern matters requiring judgment, approval/discretion, ex­planation, interpretation or training. Contacts are with vendors, developers, franchisees and their staff.



Confidential Information

Company, Associate, Client and Franchise information is extremely confidential. This data must not be shared outside of the company or with other individuals that have no legal requirement to access. The franchise financial business reports contain the profits, losses and income. We have strict policies that information is held confidential to the owner, and will only be shared with office staff if permission has been received by the owner. Regulate access to all usernames and passwords for internal/external users on Ex-Files, Web Reports, Express University, Vital Signs, Fast Track, etc.



Working Conditions

  • Sits for extended periods of time.
  • Answer incoming phone calls and intermittently make outgoing calls.
  • Frequently required to use arms and hands to use personal computer and other office equipment and to reach, handle and hand-carry materials.
  • Occasional high stress due to multi-tasking and demanding customer service environment.
  • Read from text materials, computer monitor, and other sources as required in an office environment.


Special Assignments


POC (Pre-Opening Coordinator) – Meet with new franchise owner(s) after they sign the Franchise Agreement, explain the Expressway Manual (a guide to opening their new office), conduct weekly/daily calls to track franchisee. Inform the developer of their progress. Make sure necessary equipment is ordered on time. Obtain a copy of the office space lease. Coordinate requirements for Franchisee attendance in EU classes. Provide guidance in the office opening schedule. Work closely with a travel team coordinator and/or developer for opening week support.


FOR (Field Operations Rep) – Provide expert-level instruction on all Express procedures and processes in a new office, such as: ISO interview processes, Q3 tool usage, office organization, team-building, reaching goals, etc.   A typical day could be 10 to 12 hours long this first week. Expected travel is approximately 1-3 weeks per month.


ROE (Reimbursements Processing and Approval) – Review 2-3 million dollars’ worth of annual office expense reimbursement requests. The FSC has the power to approve, deny, or request more information from the franchise about these transactions. The FSC is often required to coach/train a franchise in the use of proper documentation and the correct submission of reimbursement claims.


Government Business Requirements – Assist offices with proper payment of associates when subject to government contracts and special conditions, including prevailing wages, fringe benefits, certified payroll processes, and requirements of Davis-Bacon and Services Contract Act (SCA) projects.


Directory Updates - Create and maintain the accuracy of Franchisee information on our public website, internal website, and Ex-Files. Assign website passwords to owners. Announce when offices open, move or close their doors. Update the AS/400 account, which also facilitates accuracy in all mailings to the offices. Maintain developer websites for confidential reports.


Ex-Files – Verify that accurate and timely data is posted to the site by other departments. Create and maintain usernames and passwords for all external/internal Ex-Files users.  Identify technical problems and work with appropriate staff to solve it.


Vendor Ordering/Billing – Place orders, bill franchises, and review vendor invoices for the following programs: PSI(personality tests), CPQ(personality test), Lafayette Industries (industrial testing), time clock systems, ProveIt(testing), and others as needed.

Express Office: Oklahoma City (Downtown)
500 West Main
Suite 101A
Oklahoma City, OK 73102