Design Draftsman

Top Job

Located in Billings, MT

Salary: $16 - $21

· Setup projects in accordance with Company and Client Standards.
· Develop Drawings/Models of HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical for commercial,
institutional, educational, government and light industrial buildings as directed by
Design Engineers.
· Coordinate with Production Staff for initial checking.
· Submit work to Design Engineers for review, checking and subsequent updates
reflecting advancement of design.
· Update drawings in response to review comments and additional development of
· Complete and/or supervise completion of technical details of power, lighting and
· Develop completed design through final editing of AutoCAD files/Revit models
and/or coordination with other Technicians for completion of project drawings.
· Create files for final in-house or external service production of final project
· Create as-built drawings of completed projects based upon documentation
provided by building professionals.
· Assist Design engineers with supporting tasks such as plumbing layout, ductwork
layout, and/or lighting layout as directed by engineering staff.
Time Keeping:
· Record time to projects
Record Keeping:
· Maintain project and office files.
· Archive past projects.
· Degree in Applied Science of AutoCAD/Revit applications preferred.
· 3-5 years experience in building construction related employment a plus for
degreed applicants.
· 3-5 years experience in production design-drafting related employment required
for non- degreed applicants.

Express Office: Billings
317 16th Street West
Billings, MT 59102