Blow Mold Operator 6pm-6am

Top Job

Located in Pasadena, TX

Salary: 12.00

Sets up and operates blow molding machine to mold plastic products according to specifications.
 * Closes chamber to mold product under heat and pressure.
 * Moves machine controls to set timing unit and temperature of heating unit and start automatic material circuit.
 * Turns valves to start flow of water and release air pressure to machine.
 * Removes product from mold after timing device opens mold inspecting the quality of the product.
 * Trims excess material from product using knife.
 * Scraps/regrinds excess material.
 * Maintains a clean machine and surrounding areas.
 * Keeps stock of materials/products for machine/equipment and replenishes when needed.

Express Office: Houston (Bay Area)
211 East Parkwood
Suite 210
Friendswood, TX 77546