Administrative Assistant /Traffic Coordinator

Top Job

Located in Clearwater, FL

Salary: 13.00-14.00

Microsoft Office skills
Some knowledge of PhotoShop is helpful
Knowledge of current ICloud format

Manage and create SOPs

Work closely with Office Manager and CEO for the following responsibilities:


Change phone status from Night to Day
• Welcome/Receive visitors
• Answer, screen and transfer inbound phone calls
•Contact customers for address verification/confirmation, vacuum breaker option (for shampoo units) and inside delivery/lift gate options
•Contact customers with freight tracking information, explain process of receiving merchandise, answer any questions related to product receipt / inspection, explain how to proceed if merchandise arrives damaged
• Customer Service Case intake – Create and document (in NetSuite) any customer cases. Ask for photos, assess and prioritize the case issues
• Customer Service Case management – monitor case activity so that open cases with pending action items are not forgotten. Follow up with staff or vendors as needed. Examples include following up with vendors to confirm receipt of case data, get tracking information for parts shipments, etc.
• Agenda management & support (for Stephen). Examples include: creating estimates, setting appointments, assist with travel arrangements, coordinating vendor visits and meetings, ordering lunch, etc.
•   Web based sales- Submit and monitor any unpaid item disputes through
•   Web based sales: Import orders into NetSuite and audit data to ensure order processing is accurate
•   Web based sales: Approve sales & fulfill orders for merchandise orders that ship out of FBA locations
• Filing of any sales paperwork
As needed:
•         UPS Capital Claims – fax and keep documentation when received
•         UPS Ground freight claims – file and keep status updated until resolved
•         General Freight claims - file and keep status updated until resolved

Express Office: Clearwater
1590 North McMullen Booth Road
Suite K2
Clearwater, FL 33759