Plumber/General Maintenance

Top Job

Located in Mooresville, NC

Salary: $14.00-$20.00

œ Show up to the customers’ homes on time, with a clean appearance and a smile

œ Develop a friendly and professional relationship with the customer

œ Communicate clearly with management staff and personnel

œ Ensure that all work is performed in a workmanlike and professional quality manner

œ Document jobsite details and report progress daily as well as completing work orders accurately

and efficiently

œ Provide detailed information to supervisors and co-workers


œ Diagnose all types of (small and extensive) plumbing problems and identify any other problems

that may exist in a timely manner

œ Must be able to correct these problems individually and efficiently

General Maintenance and Labor:

œ General Maintenance services like repair and paint ceilings, walls, doors, and siding, minor

roofing (leak detection and repairs), minor carpentry, appliance installation and replacement

œ Electrical services like ceiling fan and lighting fixture installation and repairs, and minor wiring

problem solving and repairs

œ General Labor services like clean trash/ debris, carry equipment and material, and light lawn



Express Office: Mooresville
105 Singleton Road
Unit 104
Mooresville, NC 28117