Auxiliary Remote Operator

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Auxiliary Remote Operator – Auxiliary Remote Plant operators maintain multiple operations from a central remote location. Remote Plant operators work rotating shift work as required by the ROC manager. Interface through electronic, pneumatic and/or mechanical systems to control up to 4 air separation unit to meet the expectations of our pipeline and merchant customers. Maximize efficiencies, minimize down time and ensure integrity of stored and shipped products. Accept responsibility to be proactive and innovative in solutions to ensure an efficient operation and safe work environment. Release Medical Trailers in compliance with FDA Regulations.  Communicate by phone with company and Customer drivers and maintain excellent customer service skills.

Position Accountabilities

  1.  Manipulates air separation controls remotely to meet product specifications and production requirements
  2. Adjust plant control variables, monitor and manage process equipment parameters to meet production goals.
  3. Obtain knowledge base of the theory of air separation and related equipment associated with the process; understand the plant''s water chemistry to assure proper cooling tower operations and equipment functioning.
  4. Develop skills to trouble shoot, evaluate process upsets and take corrective actions.
  5. Develop ability to interpret Process & Instrument Drawings to understand process operations, equipment and aid in trouble shooting system anomalies.
  6. Participate in the maintenance/updating of work instructions to assure accurate and current start-up and operational procedures.
  7. Demonstrate mechanical aptitude, evaluate equipment performance, perform routine calibration and maintenance of analytical test equipment and maintain appropriate records.
  8. Be safety conscious, i.e., meetings, work areas, eliminate hazards, etc.
  9. Ability to prepare and maintain production operations and distribution records to meet the requirements of FDA, DPA, OSHA, ISO Quality Systems and other internal and external requirements.
  10. Participate in the maintenance and updating of plant and equipment work instructions.
  11. Prepare and maintain production operations and distribution records to meet internal and external requirements.
  12. Prepare QA documents to certify product quality; transcribe/transfer data from process computer data bases and tables, etc. to prepare product loss and reports.
  13. Good communication skills (inter departmental, team members, vendors, etc.
  14. Responsible for reviewing and releasing medical grade product per FDA regulations.
  15. Troubleshooting the causes of plant operational issues and alarms, either directly or in conjunction with the local team.
  16. Assisting with starting / stopping the plants in a safe manner as dictated by operating conditions and business needs.
  17. Optimizing plant performance by tracking performance data and implement the best operating plan for all plants.
  18. Executing productivity ideas and Best Practices to keep plant costs down.
  19. Interacting closely with all the supporting groups/personnel for performance optimization and troubleshooting.
  20. The primary responsibility is to review load paperwork for plants all over the country and release them for delivery.
  21. Tasks will include, but are not limited to the following:
  22. Help maintain a clean and organized office space.
  23. Performing medical product releases for the ROC via fax and email.
  24. Performing required duties of the Local Quality Control Unit representative.
  25. Assisting the Operations team with a wide array of projects across all departments.
  26. Assisting with the maintenance of the ASU document library Master Control document system.
  27. Procurement, replenishment and stocking of office supplies and inventory.
  28. Organize office operations and procedures.
  29. Ensure filing systems and personnel records are maintained and up to date.
  30. Research and price travel arrangements, office furniture, equipment, supplies, etc.
  31. Perform other related duties as required.

Required Skills:

  1. Basic Computer skills.
  2. On call for plant needs of any kind, (Personnel, Equipment, Customer problems)
  3. Statistical and analytical skills.
  4. Clean driving record.

Required Experience:

  1. High School diploma, Technical School or related industrial experience
  2. Strong understanding of Safety Practices and policies for the Industrial Gas Industry
  3. Strong understanding of Air Separation Principles
  4. Strong understanding of compressors, pumps and expanders
  5. Strong understanding of electrical motors, electrical power distribution and electrical safety.
  6. Understanding of Analytical principles.


Qualified candidates please apply by submitting resumes to

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