Fire Watch Laborer

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Located in Korbel, CA

Express is hiring for an extended temp (several months) position as Fire Watch.  This is a laborer position who''s focus is keeping a work site where welding and other "hot work" is happening clear of combustible debris.  Fire Watch prepares and checks the area before work is performed to ensure all combustible materials are removed from the area.  After hot work is completed, they maintain watch for a time and ensure all areas where sparks may have flown are checked thoroughly and extinguished.  The Fire Watch must be very observant, constantly watching for situations where combustion may occur, keeping such areas clear and tending to fire suppression equipment.


Key Traits

  • Keen ability to notice and independently address hazards in the work environment
  • Ability to recognize potential fire hazards
  • Ability to use shovels, rakes, brooms and other hand tools to clear debris
  • Confidence to raise and alarm as needed
  • Proactive in thinking and in action
  • Ability to be on your feed for 8+ hour shifts


$15 per hour


A consistent, hard working candidate has the potential to see this become a foot in the door to this company for long term employment opportunities.  Here''s your chance to get in early and prove yourself!


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Express Office: Eureka
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