Vendor Relations Specialist

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Located in Dallas,TX

Salary: $14/hour

North Dallas background screening company provides pre-employment screenings for small and large businesses. Their team of sales and client relations individuals help design customized background screenings based on industry, time and budgetary constraints. They are the industry leader in the background screening industry utilizing the industry’s most comprehensive criminal database along with other screening capabilities such as: driving records, credit reports, employment and education verifications and drug screening. We are currently looking for a Vendor Relations Associate.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Obtain results from court researchers and review information to confirm the finding of a public record.
  • Monitor and input the result(s) of searches into GIS internal computer systems.
  • Use required “identifiers” to verify public record, as per client criteria.
  • Contact court researchers to obtain complete and correct information on missing/problem public record information. Order case copies via Watson when necessary.
  • Contact appropriate agencies, e.g. courthouse, district attorney’s office, sheriff’s office, and recorder’s office as necessary to confirm public record information.
  • Review results from public records search and compare to Client Reporting Guidelines to ensure it meets client criteria and close case as appropriate.
  • Maintain Manual Close list through GIS internal systems and SARA report.
  • May ensure searches are returned from court researchers/external vendors within a 24 to 48 hour time period. If search is late, must contact court researcher to find out why and note reason in appropriate field within computer systems.


  • High School diploma or equivalent is required
  • Computer literacy in an Internet/Windows environment is required
  • Experience with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel is preferred
  • Proper spelling, grammar, and written punctuation skills are required
  • Proper verbal communication skills are required. -Employee must display a helpful demeanor, detail orientation and teamwork behavior while working in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment

 Please email your resume to for immediate consideration.

Express Office: Dallas (North)
14755 Preston Road
Suite 830
Dallas, TX 75254