*Maintenance Mechanic 1st shift


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Located in Fort Worth, TX

Salary: $18-22/hr

Maintenance Mechanic - 1st shift

Duties and Responsibilities:

- Perform routine maintenance and repairs on warehouse machinery and equipment, including conveyor systems, forklifts, and packaging machines.
- Troubleshoot mechanical issues and implement timely solutions to minimize downtime.
- Assist with the installation of new machinery and ensure proper setup and calibration.
- Adhere to safety protocols and conduct regular safety checks on equipment.
- Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities and parts inventory.
- Collaborate with warehouse staff and management to prioritize tasks and ensure efficient operations.
- Provide training and guidance to warehouse staff on equipment operation and maintenance procedures.

Pay: $18-22/hr

Express Office: Fort Worth (North)
6635 Sandshell Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76137
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