Medical Office Specialist


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Located in Bend, OR

Salary: $18-$20


Position: Confidential Medical Office Specialist

Compensation: $18-$20/hr 

Location: Bend, OR


We are currently seeking a meticulous and dedicated individual to fulfill the role of  Medical Office Specialist on a full-time basis. This position demands expertise in office management within a medical setting, including proficiency in insurance verification. If you possess strong organizational skills, a commitment to patient care, and the ability to maintain confidentiality, we invite you to apply.




  • Insurance Verification: Confirm patients'' insurance coverage and benefits to prevent any discrepancies in billing. Pursue necessary authorizations as needed to facilitate seamless billing processes.
  • Patient Reception and Checkout: Offer a welcoming atmosphere to patients, guide them through the check-in process with care, and accurately collect co-insurance payments. Ensure smooth transitions during checkout procedures.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Management: Precisely input patient demographic and prescription details into our EMR system, ensuring the maintenance of well-organized and up-to-date records.
  • Appointment Validation: Ensure appointment accuracy by meticulously confirming schedules, maintaining precise attendance records, and mitigating scheduling conflicts.
  • Appointment Coordination: Skillfully manage patient scheduling to optimize resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency.
  • Communication with Referring Practitioners: Collaborate with referring physicians to obtain relevant patient information, promoting effective communication and coordination in patient care.
  • Documentation: Uphold strict confidentiality standards while meticulously recording all patient interactions and updates.
  • Administrative Support: Provide assistance with various administrative tasks, including document handling and prompt communication responses.


To explore this opportunity further, please contact us at [541-389-1505] to arrange an interview. We look forward to discussing your potential fit for this role.





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