Located in White City, OR

Salary: $18.05

The Dryer Operator is responsible for maintaining the flow of clean linen into the carts from the dryer and organizing dryer loads to maximize efficiency.

Job accountabilities:

  1. Maintains awareness of and continually adjust to changing priorities, as the workday progresses.
  2. Keeps linen off the floor and in the carts.
  3. Maintains an orderly work environment by aligning carts and other containers in an organized manner.
  4. Keeps clean linen area clean of debris and loose linen.
  5. Assists with end of shift clean-up and throughout the day as necessary.
  6. Untangles clean linen into empty carts.
  7. Ensures that linen is separated properly.
  8. Monitors equipment for maintenance problems and reports problems to the Engineer.
  9. Monitoring screen for proper staging of empty carts for dryer transfers.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned.


Essential Qualifications:

                                                                                                Minimum Qualifications


High School graduate or GED desirable but not mandatory.  Previous production experience is preferred but not required.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

Basic reading skills.  Good eye hand coordination.  Attention to detail is essential.

Ability to work with other and good communication skills.


Working Condition Requirements



Moderate.  Must be able to bend at the waist and perform repetitive lifting, reaching, gripping, grasping tasks while continuously standing.  Must be able to lift or push 30 to 40 pounds.


Noise, high heat and humid conditions.





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