Maintenance Technician


Located in Medford, OR

Salary: $19.93-22.74/hr DOE

The Maintenance Repairer position is a full-time position in the Maintenance Department under the supervision of the Director of Maintenance. The primary function of this position is to perform manual maintenance and construction type labor in an organized, flexible, detail-oriented manner while multi-tasking in a fast-paced work environment. The Maintenance Repairer has considerable expertise and experience in repairs, electrical, plumbing, painting and carpentry work, as well as demonstrated proficiency in using the principles and practices of time keeping, purchasing, estimating time and materials, and record keeping. The Maintenance Repairer’s work involves responding to highly varied work orders with other maintenance staff to resolve issues related to minor electrical and plumbing problems, repairs, painting, masonry, carpentry and other typical issues arising from tenant use of dwelling units. Supervision of staff is not a responsibility of this position.


The essential functions of this position require prioritizing and completing all assigned tasks in a timely and efficient manner, adjusting for changing priorities and availability of resources, and demonstrating initiative in identifying additional job-related tasks to be completed when time permits. These duties are a representative example of position expectations. Actual duties assigned may vary and change depending on the business needs of the department.

Perform a wide range of construction tasks related to the maintenance and repair of building components, grounds and landscaping, energy management and plumbing systems, dwelling units (some of which may be occupied or vacant at the time of repair), and overall project sites while adhering to established safety practices and standards for performing duties. Operate and maintain a selection of hand tools, power tools and related maintenance and construction equipment of varied sizes in the performance of duties. Attend monthly safety meetings.

  1. Exercise independent judgment in evaluating and scheduling work assignments. Prioritize daily work, develop an appropriate action plan, coordinate, direct and oversee efforts of other Maintenance Department staff and contractors to ensure timely completion of projects, and complete daily field work orders. Estimate necessary materials, supplies and associated costs of assigned projects. Maintain focus and attention to detail while working productively and independently with minimal supervision or direction in a constantly changing environment.
  2. Perform preventative maintenance inspections to identify and correct plumbing, carpentry, electrical, and other maintenance problems requiring attention and/or repair. Conduct and/or coordinate inspections of buildings, security, and energy management systems to identify additional deficiencies and potential safety hazards. Formulate and communicate recommendations for improvements of existing facilities and physical operating systems. When necessary, assist in developing specifications for external contractor bid requests and /or material purchases.
  3. Perform emergency services during adverse and inclement weather conditions, including removing snow and debris, de-icing sidewalks and parking lots on multiple properties, repairing heating units, roofing, windows, etc., and performing other duties related to the safe operation of properties and facilities owned by the organization
  4. Read, review and interpret building sketches, schematics, blueprints and/or plans in preparation for performing designated maintenance and construction tasks. Create, complete and maintain accurate and complete records, logs, documents, schedules and other reports documenting the need for repair, costs, materials used, work performed, and other relevant project data as requested.
  5. Implement company policies, procedures, and high standards of quality workmanship, efficiency and professionalism in the performance of duties. Take necessary steps to adequately safeguard property belonging to current and/or former residents, including avoiding actual and/or perceived conflicts of interest relating to found or abandoned property.
  6. Work diligently to preserve and protect the company’s confidential and proprietary information to which this position has access. Exercise tact, courtesy, and diplomacy when interacting with prospective clients, clients, contractors, vendors and others with whom we may work to provide exceptional service while enhancing the public image at all times. Respond to all inquiries for information respectfully without regard to the inquirer’s position or status and in a manner that conveys understanding, acceptance and support of programs and objectives.
  7. Communicate in a professional, respectful and courteous manner with all employees, clients, and others with whom we may work. Contribute to a successful work group and foster a team-oriented culture through positive interactions, active listening, meaningful collaborations, and the constructive exchange of ideas designed to meet or exceed the organization’s strategic goals.
  8. Complete special projects and other duties as assigned to meet team, department and organizational goals while actively demonstrating accountability and responsibility for achieving desired outcomes and measurable results.


Qualified candidates for this position will have relevant education and experience necessary to perform the essential functions and meet the minimum performance expectations for this position with or without an accommodation.

  • Knowledge of materials, methods, techniques, tools and equipment used in construction, maintenance and repair of dwelling units, as well as the potential hazards one might encounter and the recommended safety precautions to implement. Demonstrated working knowledge and proficiency in properly operating and maintaining tools and equipment.
  • Demonstrated knowledge, experience and proficiency with repairs, electrical work, plumbing, painting, sheet rock repair and carpentry, among other forms of maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Demonstrated knowledge, experience and proficiency with basic mathematical skills, as well as methods and techniques used in estimating time and materials for assigned projects, including a working understanding of the principles and practices of time keeping, purchasing, and record keeping.
  • Knowledge of the principles, methods, techniques, best practices, and requirements of Oregon building codes and industry-accepted construction standards applicable to the properties and dwelling units owned by the organization.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills necessary to communicate clearly and effectively with internal and external clients. Demonstrated ability and competency to communicate clearly and concisely in both individual meeting and group presentation settings.
  • Strong interpersonal skills necessary to develop, establish and maintain effective, professional, collaborative, and collegial working relationships with staff, clients, contractors, vendors, and others with whom we may work. Strong conflict resolution skills and demonstrated ability and competency to work with a diverse population of clients and co-workers of all ages, including people who may be aggressive, belligerent and/or hostile, confused and/or disoriented, or who may be suffering from a medical or physical impairment.
  • Strong problem solving, research, and analytical skills, combined with the ability to prioritize tasks and meet established, critical and/or time-sensitive deadlines with minimal notice. Ability to multitask is also essential while remaining flexible with changing priorities and deadlines.
  • Well-reasoned decision making with a high attention to detail in actual work product, organization, planning, workflow, and project prioritization to ensure tasks are completed efficiently and accurately.
  • Naturally self-motivated, confident individual with ability to work independently and/or with limited direction, as well as cooperatively in a team environment, while consistently demonstrating collaborative, respectful and productive work habits. Actively pursue professional development opportunities to add value to the agency and to help the agency meet its strategic goals and objectives.
  • Highly ethical individual who applies ethical standards of behavior to daily work activities. Takes responsibility for actions and decisions and fosters a work environment where integrity is rewarded. Exercises discretion when involved in highly confidential and sensitive matters.
  • Demonstrated ability and proficiency in using the English language in spoken and written form (including usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation) in preparing reports and related materials.
  • Strong organizational skills necessary for creating documentation, record keeping, maintaining accurate agency records, and data management, storage and retrieval.
  • Demonstrated experience and competency operating and working effectively and efficiently with computers and other forms of office technology, electronic data, computer programs and software applications, especially Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.


Availability and Accessibility

Due to (a) the nature and scope of the essential functions, (b) the importance of personal interactions between this position, employees, clients and other members of the public, and (c) the availability of job-related tools, equipment and resources at work, performance of the essential functions requires regular, consistent and on-site attendance while working independently and with others.

Approximately 40 hours / week may be required to efficiently perform the job duties of this position. Your presence is also required at designated internal and external meetings. Employees in this position may be required to work a flexible work schedule as a condition of employment, including scheduled and unscheduled overtime. This is understood to mean that the hours of work may vary from day to day and include evenings and weekends. Work schedule specifics will be determined by the hiring supervisor.

Physical Demands

The physical demands described below are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this position. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Lift, transport, manipulate and/or move up to approximately 100 lbs. occasionally, and 50+ lbs. regularly and sometimes repeatedly in a relatively short period of time, in the performance of regular Maintenance Laborer duties.
  • Access confined spaces and/or areas that require physical positioning to access high and/or low spaces frequently, as well as perform tasks that require consistent, frequent and repetitive motions and/or transitions in physical positioning (e.g., possibly by bending, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, stretching, climbing, shoveling, sweeping, painting, sanding, operating a wheelbarrow, hammering, etc.). Regularly climb ladders and traverse stairwells and staircases.
  • Operate, maneuver and safely use and maintain all sizes of hand tools, power tools and other types of maintenance and construction tools, equipment and materials, some of which may be heavy, awkward to use, powered by gas or electricity, and may include sharp edges and/or surfaces, multiple components, and/or use of specialized personal protective equipment and training. Construction and maintenance tasks may require sustained physical balance as well as frequent repetitive rotation motions and other physical positioning necessary to access confined spaces or high and/or low areas.
  • Use maintenance and construction supplies that may contain chemicals or a combination of chemical components that may produce strong odors or fumes and/or may be hazardous if not used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Receive, understand, evaluate and appropriately respond to communications and work-related forms, documents and other information from employees and using available technology.
  • Maintain professional and respectful communication style and steady work focus to ensure reactions and responses to both emergency and non-emergency situations, stress, ambiguity, frustration, disappointment, and disagreements serve as an example to others of appropriate workplace communications while contributing to a strong, harmonious team dynamic.
  • Correspond, communicate and exchange information with other employees, clients, and other third parties with whom we work in-person, via telephone, virtually or by other electronic means using available technology during meetings, presentations, client calls or other situations in which business information may be shared, discussed, or exchanged.
  • Provide intellectually sound and well-reasoned answers, recommendations and solutions to identified business problems, issues and/or questions. Efficiently and quickly analyze, process, manipulate, and accurately record data (some of which is technical in nature) and other information that serves as the basis for this position.
  • Move to, from and within our building and across agency-related property site locations, possibly for extended periods of time. Movement to, from and within property locations may occur during inclement weather, extreme temperatures, rain or snow, strong winds, and during low visibility and low light conditions (e.g., evening, early morning, fog, etc.).
  • Work for extended periods of time in a stationary position (possibly up to 60 minutes without an opportunity to substantially change position) while consistently and repetitively grasping, moving and manipulating construction / maintenance tools, equipment and materials, or when in the office, documents, office supplies, computer equipment, and other business tools and materials.
  • Use and operate a personal computer, office equipment and other technology devices frequently and consistently throughout each day with a high degree of skill, accuracy and independent judgment for the purpose of reviewing, analyzing, creating, transmitting, and presenting documents, data and other business-related information.
  • Report for work dressed in attire appropriate for the effective, efficient and productive performance of the duties and tasks assigned to you and in compliance with the Company’s dress code and grooming standards.

Driving & Travel

Due to the specific nature and scope of this position’s job responsibilities outside of the office, reliance on public transportation or rides from other people may be insufficient to meet this position’s requirements and expectations.

  • Drive a personal or agency-owned vehicle on behalf of the organization in the performance of duties that serve as the basis for this position, sometimes for up to 60 minutes at a time.
  • Report for work and/or work-related appointments outside the office as scheduled during morning, afternoon and evening hours, even when day light is limited or non-existent, and possibly during inclement weather when directed to do so.
  • Travel on a frequent basis to facilitate repairs and inspections at assigned property locations, or to attend meetings, trainings, and conferences at other site locations, sometimes via traditional modes of transportation (including airline travel) over long distances, and some of which may involve one or more night stays out of town.


The work environment conditions described here are representative of those an employee may encounter while performing the essential functions of this position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position.

This position works outside of the office at other property locations. When working outside the office, this position may be exposed to all types of weather conditions, including temperature extremes, rain, snow and strong winds. Outdoor settings involve all types of property and site conditions, including open spaces, urban developments, flat and hilly terrain, stairwells and staircases, and other uneven surfaces that may present tripping hazards and/or other dangers that require diligence in observing and heeding site conditions to ensure safe working conditions.

Maintenance Repairer tasks predominantly take place in and around housing units, which may be either occupied or vacant at the time the Maintenance Repairer is in the unit. Despite the enforcement of housekeeping standards and expectations, each unit may exhibit different conditions or pose a unique hazard in terms of limited visibility of persons and obstacles within the space, physical accessibility challenges or limited access for movement within the unit, inconsistent and varied forms of lighting, odors and scents, cleanliness, excessive noise, temperature variations, displays of ideological, political and religious views that may be offensive or contrary to one’s own views, authorized and unauthorized pets, children and children’s toys, drugs, weapons, other authorized or unauthorized persons staying in the unit, and food, plants or other items that may trigger an allergic reaction. The Maintenance Repairer is encouraged to exercise caution and care when entering tenant units.

This position also works in a temperature-controlled office environment. Our office spaces include traditional office lighting (including fluorescent lighting), as well as shared office spaces and facilities that result in consistent and frequent noise (often louder than ambient noise), conversations among employees and clients, interruptions and other similar distractions.



Education & Experience

  • Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade and a high school diploma; and
  • No less than three years of experience in building construction, operation and maintenance, or a related field.
  • Flexibility to work irregular hours on an occasional basis, including nights, weekends and holidays.

An equivalent combination of experience and education that demonstrates the required knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position will be considered in lieu of the outlined requirements.

License or Certificates

Possess a valid driver’s license and have a satisfactory driving record that meets the required driving criteria. New employees establishing resident status in the State of Oregon must obtain an Oregon driver’s license within 30 days of hire.



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