Production Line Worker


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Located in Piedmont, SC

Salary: $15

Company in the Piedmont area is seeking assemblers!


Assemblers are in the production portion of the warehouse. These individuals are responsible for assembling and fabricating prepared components into prehung door units according to prescribed ordered sizes.


Two main components of the job are prepping and assembling.  The work is structured and repetitive, with work orders predetermined and similar tasks performed from one day to the next. Attention to detail, accuracy of work, and commitment to safety are crucial. 


Duties include:

- Reading provided tickets that identify materials needed
- Gathering prescribed materials from stock using forklifts, hand trucks, and rolling carts
- Placing materials in designated area for assembly

- Reading orders and identifying necessary modifications

- Operating machinery that modifies the product

- Preparing the product for shipment by applying casing, sleeves, stickers, etc.


Tools used:

—Include but are not limited to: chop saw, table saw, rip saw, hand saw; router, nail gun, screw gun, door machine, various pneumatic tools, and drills


Hours will be Monday-Friday; 6:00am-3:00pm


Pay will start at $15

Express Office: Greenville
1659 Woodruff Road
Suite E
Greenville, SC 29607
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