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Express Employment is recruiting for a Boilermaker/ Technician Mechanic. The position of Mechanic performs their duties while supporting the companies mission, vision, and values. This is a starting position, with the assumption that the employee is not new to the mechanical trade and has a moderate to strong working knowledge of its various necessary skills-set. The employee will be considered an Apprentice to either the Boiler making or Technician trade until a minimum of 8000 hours of consistent in-field employment in their chosen craft-trade has been met, and a satisfactory skills-level can be demonstrated and approved by a recognized Apprenticing Body. Note: Oregon Boiler carries recognition as an Apprenticing Contractor for both the Boiler making and Thermal Systems Engineer (Technician) trades with the U.S. DOL.


The job roles assigned to this position consist of learning to use the tools of this trade, develop an understanding of the trade-terms common to this industry, and to be industrious in supporting the Technician or Boilermakers to whom you are assigned. The character qualities that must resonate are: teachable, accountability, timeliness, and the maintenance of effective communication skills. In your chosen craft-trade you will learn and apply skills in:  job-site safety, welding or electrical skills, a firm understanding of various burner and boiler systems, fuel delivery systems installation and troubleshooting, pressure vessel installation and repairs, boiler room and mechanical installation and repair, Boiler making Apprentices will learn craft-skills related to print-reading, piping layout, design and welding practices, tube and tube sheet installation and repair, while Technician Apprentices will learn combustion principles and mastery, electrical systems installation and troubleshooting, electronics and instrumentation. And both trades will concentrate on learning a variety of other industry-related tasks.


It is our expectation that in this role, over time you will learn how to operate independently in the field. This includes handling yourself in a safe and professional manner. Safety is our number one priority, with customer care running a close second.  Speaking with the customers and coordinating with the shop the needs, limitations and expectations of the customer is critical.



  • This position will take direction from technicians or boilermakers when they are working on the job. It is our expectation that you will become a technician or boilermaker as you learn the trade and hone your skills.
  • All apprentices should understand how to operate basic hand tools and power tools safely and correctly. At all times, Safety is our number one priority and should be in the forefront of our minds.
  • Apprentices should be able to retain information in a way that allows them to repeat tasks once they have been taught once. Especially because this is not an entry level position, your responsibilities include many aspects and provisions where receptibility to learning new and nuanced trade skills related to the craft is incumbent.
  • It is expected that you will learn to perform all the skills incumbent of the chosen trade path with little or no supervision.
  • Understanding that we work on a wide variety of equipment and learning how to diagnose issues is key to our operation.
  • Learn how to install equipment for a variety of pressure vessel and thermal transfer systems related to our industry. This includes system installation, as well as knowing how many different types of equipment are supposed to be installed.  This includes, but is not limited to, complete boilers, DA tanks, condensate tank, pumps, burners, gas regulators, steam headers, traps, etc. and all associated piping to connect these items into the system.
  • Gain a detailed understanding of boiler controls, including but not limited to, operating control, high limit, low water, gas pressure switches, combustion air switch, etc. This includes the ability to correctly perform a trip test on the boiler controls.
  • Demonstrate a year-on-year development in mastery of various vessels, systems, heat medium transfer equipment and systems, and oil, gas, fluid, vapor transfer systems parameters, troubleshooting and design.
  • Fill out work orders and timesheet in a way that communicates with not only the customer, but the shop personnel so the customer’s needs are met. (This includes the completion of paperwork in a timely manner and submitted on time when required).
  • Oregon Boiler supplies a truck with tools for to those employees who demonstrate skills-set that give them the ability to negotiate job tasks independently in a consistent fashion. With a truck and tools, it is the expectation of this organization that the truck is kept well stocked with parts and tools. The truck is the responsibility of the mechanic to maintain and supply. Inventory on the truck shall be maintained by the mechanic.
  • Work as a team player with the other technicians and boilermakers as work and scheduling conflicts come up with after-hours work. It is expected and understood that there will be times when field employees must be willing to take service calls and scheduled work outside normal business hours.
  • When the appropriate skills-set are recognized and approved of by this Organization, each employee must participate in the on-call rotation with the other Apprentices and Journeymen. At that time, participation in the On-Call rotation will become a required element of your continued employment at

          Oregon Boiler.



  • Developing a mastery level of knowledge in heat transfer systems and mechanical installations.
  • Mastery in the ability to read and understand a variety of piping diagrams. This includes understanding the symbols and what they mean. The expectation is that with only a diagram the mechanic can figure out and understand how the system is intended to be installed and communicate job plans to others.
  • Basic computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook are important.
  • Customer service understanding is required.
  • Understanding that this job requires us to always have a solution, and a commitment to be the solution to the problem. If we can’t fix the problem, then our customers will go somewhere else.
  • Understanding that our customers run 24/7 and when their equipment breaks, we are expected to respond. Our typical mechanics will work an average of 45 hours a week and many times are closer to 50 hours a week, with occasional weeks over 60 hours.
  • Participation in on-call (When this is deemed appropriate).
  • Participation in on-call is distributed on a weekly basis to each craftsman on the roster. It is a one week (7day) on-call shift, consisting of availability to respond to afterhours calls for the entirety of the assigned week.
  • The term “after-hours” designates the timeframe of overnight from 5pm to 7am each weekday, as well as 24-hour availability on Saturday and Sunday.
  • An on-call shift begins on Monday at 7am of the assigned week and is completed at 7am on the following Monday.
  • Boilermaker-specific skills-sets that must be acquired throughout apprenticeship:
  • Certified welding skills. This includes stick/arc welding.
  • Welding skills of different varieties a plus but not required (heliarc, mig and tig, wire feed, stainless steel, etc.
  • Strength and competency in mechanical skills, including but not limited to pipe fitting, welding, rigging, layout, job coordination.
  • Strong competency in pressure vessel repair, installation, and inspections.
  • Mastery of basic pressure vessel tube and tube sheet tear-down, rebuild, and erection.
  • Mastery of boiler/burner system designs, auxiliaries, steam and condensate systems, DA systems, pumps, and other equipment associated with the production of steam, hot water, and thermal fluids delivery systems.
  • Basic electrical knowledge is a plus. Ability limited to marking and disconnecting wires in a safe and responsible manner for safety and reconnection. This includes the ability to use an electrical multi-meter to test for live circuits.
  • Technician-specific skills-sets that must be acquired throughout apprenticeship:
  • Strong knowledge of electrical AC and DC circuits, theory, and explanation.
  • Electrical conduit, panel, and wiring installations for High, Low and DC voltage systems.
  • Strong competency in VFD troubleshooting, single-loop controllers, transmitter calibration, pumps and pumping systems, boiler auxiliaries.
  • Mastery of basic combustion principles, performing combustion tuning, and Lo-Nox applications.
  • Competencies in reading and drawing electrical diagrams and prints.
  • Ability to perform instrument and electrical troubleshooting and systems diagnosis.
  • Mastery of all major fuel delivery systems, including but not limited to fuel oil, natural gas, propane, and gaseous biofuels.
  • Strong knowledge of various thermal systems, applications, installations, relevant codes pertaining to sites and settings, and their associated equipment.



  • You will be compensated at a wage range of $25.00 to 38.00 per hour. This position is considered a non-exempt position which means that you will be eligible for overtime.
  • At this time, you will supply your own transportation to and from work each day.
    • Daily you will be able to coordinate with the Technician or Boilermaker you are assigned to work with. At this time, you will be able to determine where you might meet him, whether it be at the jobsite, at the shop, or at some other location convenient to the individual you are working with.
  • NOTE: It is expected that each employee supplies their own basic hand tools.



  • Performs any other related duties as assigned by the branch manager.
  • Assist in resolving customer complaints while on the work site.



While the basic knowledge and skill sets the employee must bring into this position are stressed above, the employee must engage in a skills-assessment within the first three (3) months of hiring on. This skills-assessment will determine current capabilities and allow for the setting of benchmarks for future growth.



The employee’s skill sets must be anchored in the fluid abilities to perform the basic duties relevant for their trade. Moreover, he/she must be capable of demonstrating competencies in conducting their required role in projects, while communicating and organizing daily plans with effectiveness. This position requires the employee to be adding to his/her skill sets continually.



The employee must be capable of working in physically difficult, hot, strenuous environments under the pressures job-timeline and customer needs for, at times, extended periods.



While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to have ordinary ambulatory skills to travel to locations; and the ability to stand, walk, squat, stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, crawl, climb and manipulate (lift, carry, move) medium to heavy weights of up to 50 pounds, and having at least one person’s additional assistance for any weight exceeding 50 pounds. Must be able to work in confined space/areas. Requires good hand-eye coordination, arm, hand, and finger dexterity, including ability to grasp, and visual acuity to use a keyboard, operate equipment and read application information. The employee is frequently required to walk, reach with hands and arms, talk, and hear.



Typically, time will be spent either traveling to a job location within a company vehicle or onsite at a job location.  While travel time to the job site is typically sedentary in nature, working at different onsite job sites may expose you to dangerous chemicals, fumes, and noise that can cause ear damage. To prevent bodily harm, protective equipment must be worn.  Ninety percent of your time will be spent on job site locations and can range from cold, wet exterior locations to extremely hot interior locations. You will be expected to plan, dress, and hydrate accordingly.

This job description identifies the key responsibilities and expectations for performance. It cannot encompass all specific job tasks that an employee may be required to perform. Employees are required to follow any other job-related instructions and perform job-related duties as may be assigned by his/her supervisor.



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