Production Workers/North York 2nd


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Located in York, PA

Salary: $12.00 /Hr

North York: 2:00PM-12:00AM

A Shift: Hours Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:00PM

B Shift: Hours Mon-Fri- 3:00PM-11:00PM

C Shift: Hours Sun-Thurs 11:00PM-7:00AM

D Shift: Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am-2:30pm

E Shift: Hours: Mon-Fri 2:30pm-10:30pm

F Shift: Hours: Sun-Thurs 10:30pm-6:30am 


Length of Assignment:  possible evaluation hire depending on job performance, attitude, attendance, and punctuality

Dress: jeans/t-shirt, (NO Tank Tops, No Shorts!) sneakers, No Jewelry of any kind, no facial piercing, no dermals, no nail polish or fake nails. SLIP proof shoes must be worn! DO NOT USE YOUR CELL PHONE AT WORK!!!

Just a reminder, there are only two pieces of jewelry allowed on the production floor:

  1. Medical bracelets
  2. A solid plain wedding band

All employees are to follow the guidelines below for the acceptable dress code

  • Tops: 

The company provided/available uniform shirts from the uniform company. (If the uniform company makes charges to Wolfgang for lost uniforms, or for damaged/abused garments caused by the employee beyond normal wear and use, the cost to Wolfgang will be deducted from the employee’s pay.)  Please note the tops – spaghetti straps are unacceptable.

  • Wolfgang T-shirts
  • Unacceptable shirts include; see-through, torn, strapless, spaghetti straps, A-shirts, excessively low cut, or contain any detailing that pose any safety issue from strings, beading, etc.
  • Pants:
    • Khakis or jeans. (Must be clean, free of rips, tears, fraying and may not be excessively tight or revealing)
    • Unacceptable pants: Low Rise pants/jeans or Hip Hugger pants/jeans. Pants must be worn at waist level with no undergarments visible.
  • Shoes:
    • Employees shoes must comply with Wolfgang’s Good Manufacturing Policy-Slip proof.

Reports to:                                Production Supervisor/Lead



Produces and packs quality chocolate candy; hand coats clusters; packs Kitchen made non-chocolate candy products and purchased candy from suppliers; pre-packs organizational candy orders into individual order segments.

Proficiently operates various candy making and packaging equipment.

As assigned employee will rotate on the following lines: processing, packaging, pre-pack and hand coating; as assigned, rotates station to station on production line.

Follows specific detailed instructions established by company.  Scope of job duties are of moderate complexity and quality or work contributes to success of company.

Employee will complete paperwork accurately, timely and clearly. Paperwork includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tote tags
  • Production Tally Sheet
  • Lot Tracking Sheet
  • Package Verification Sheet
  • Cleaning Checklist


  1. Peanut Crème attendant (must be able to lift 50+ lbs), run pump


  • Cluster machine making of peanut, cashew, crispy and toasted coconut candies:
    1. Prepares trays and cups to receive candy mix.
    2. Checks depositor as it fills cups.
    3. Assures that ingredients are topped with chocolate.
    4. Forms appropriate quantities of candies in shape of box insertion and spot checks weight.
    5. Checks process through cooling tunnel.
  • Shell molding of sculptured solid chocolate or molding of shell to hold soft centers:
    1. Checks that depositor is forming shells per production standards.
    2. Checks depositor as it fills shells.
    3. Checks process through cooling tunnel.
    4. Removes from mold, places in carton, and onto skid.


  • Completion of hollow mold process:
    1. Removes hollows from mold at end of cooling tunnel.
    2. Discards damaged/broken hollows.
    3. Places quality chocolate into bins and places bins on rack.


  • Feeding of product on feeding machine:
    1. Prepare feeder machine: adjust racks and check speed for designated product run.
    2. Maintain belts full of product, position product in proper direction, remove defective product.


  • Product:
    1. Packs various chocolate products into boxes, tins or bags according to packaging specifications, including mix, weight, and layout. Adds accessories such as ribbon.
    2. Packs purchased candy (gummy bear/jellybeans). Empties bulk packages into tray, hand packs into containers, weighs, heat seals, date stamps, place into cartons and onto skids.


  • Boxing:
    1. Makes boxes and cartons, including packaging accessories. Date stamps.  Maintains and operates tape and glue machines.  Stocks according to specifications.
    2. Prepares boxes, including date stamp, inserts and labels, stacks according to specifications.
    3. After product is packed, seals containers with heat sealer or tie machine. Maintains heat sealer and tie machines.  Monitors metal detector.  Weighs product as instructed.  May be assigned to Sealer Machine as part of line rotations.
    4. Places containers into cartons, taping shut with tape machine. Maintains tape machine.  Place cartons onto skid per stacking instructions.  Move skids with hand jack.


  • Sealing:
    1. Makes cartons, date stamps with production date, places proper number on every carton; changes labels, ribbons, UPC codes, production dates.
    2. Assures that every box is properly labeled and sealed by sealing equipment.
    3. Packs boxes and stacks on skid to specifications/packing patterns; moves skids with hand jack to assigned area.
    4. As assigned, and under direction of Lead Person.


  • Pre-Packer:
    1. Read packing slips and pull correct quality and product.
    2. Verifies filled order to packing slip. Attention to detail and accuracy in counting required.
    3. Packs product and packing slip in appropriate size carton and label outside of carton.
    4. Manually stack cartons on pallets.
    5. Places packing slips
    6. Prepares products for shipment. Utilizing shipping ticket, checks shipping ticket against product pulled, loads product on skid, moves skid to loading area, loads truck/cars manually.
    7. Documents inventory changes.
    8. Check miscellaneous product that comes in (e.g. Gift wrap, bulbs, prizes) against invoice.


  • UPS
    1. Have knowledge of computer use to be able to retrieve information to ship out catalogs, retail, and QVC.
    2. Know how to pack items for safe transportation in shipping.
  • Pouching
    1. Record bulk product in record book
    2. Make cartons, label with item number and date code
    3. Fill hopper, watching for bad product, doubles, etc.
    4. Check pouches for air leaks, bad zipper and document every hour weight to be correct
    5. Pack cartons with correct quality of pouches, seal carton, stack on skid.
    6. Record finish skids.


  • Miscellaneous duties of all Production Workers:
    1. Visually inspects product to assure compliance with quality standards and appearance
    2. Follows Company established Sanitation/Quality Assurance procedures to assure product quality. Complies with company and OSHA safety polices.
    3. Cleans work area and machines at end of shift
    4. Makes necessary machine adjustments
    5. Assists co-workers with duties and works as a team for ultimate efficiency
    6. May also be assigned work as a Market Clerk or Retail Store Clerk
    7. Refers all work-related problems to lead person/supervisor/manager


  • Essential Functions for all Production Workers:
    1. Mental ability to perform as a team member and through positive words and actions, support co-workers, company policy, and accounting/human resources standards
    2. Maintain Clean Manufacturing environment
    3. Understand that temperature may be warm or cool depending on job assignment and time of year
    4. Noise level usually of moderate level, some job assignments require hearing protection
    5. Most functions require visual inspection of product and hand dexterity
    6. When assigned to various areas with loud machinery, hearing personal protective equipment is required


  • Follow all Wolfgang Food Safety and Quality Policies and Programs
  • Report any food safety and quality concerns immediately to their lead person or supervisor.




Production Standards

  • Processing and Packaging areas:
    1. Expected level of employee production is determined by the speed of the production belt
    2. Working as a team, each employee is expected to maintain line speed

 Experience, Competencies and Education


  • High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience
  • Fundamental knowledge to follow directions
  • Production/Manufacturing experience preferred

 Physical Requirements


  • Standing 8 hours per day, some assignments may provide availability to sit
  • Lifting/manipulating 5-25 lbs. consistently throughout workday. Weight requirements vary based on product line and job assignment.  Lifting/manipulating includes bending below the waist to place cartons on skid, lifting above waist to place cartons on skid and to dump candy into tray

Moving full skid/tote of product, weighing up to 700 lbs., with hand jack.  

  1. Function applies to:
    1. Sealing, Pre-Pack and Warehouse Work routinely throughout workday
    2. Building 2 and Building 3 production, and Hand Coat occasionally
  2. Requires:
    1. Pulling/pushing dynamic weight of 20 lbs on flat unobstructed flooring
    2. Pulling/pushing dynamic weight of 50 lbs with slight incline or uneven flooring
  3. Two employees are utilized when moving totes that are between 50%-100% full
  • Occasionally moving full skid/tote of raw materials such as sugar or chocolate, weighing up to 2,600 lbs with hand jack
    1. Function applies to:
      1. All Production workers
    2. Requires:
      1. Pulling/pushing dynamic weight of 65-85 lbs with slight incline or uneven flooring

 Language Skills

  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret the documents
  • Ability to respond effectively to inquiries or complaints

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of duties and responsibilities of this position.  They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of duties, responsibilities and or skills required.  Wolfgang Candy Company reserves the right to unilaterally modify this job description.  This job description is not an employment agreement or contract; it does not alter your at-will status.

Ways to Apply: 

  • Resumes may be emailed to 
  • Stop by our York office: 2210 E. Market St. York, Pa 17402 


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