Production Supervisor


Located in Rochester, MN

Production Supervisor - Logistics


This person would be working alongside our current production manager doing the "business" side of production.  The basics of this job would be to oversee the production.  Most of these tasks will be working with other managers, and some tasks may even be delegated.



Increase morale and job quality for our installers.  This will also allow us to grow by increasing production output, which will enable us to increase sales.


Tasks may include:

1)  Profit analysis - This would be looking at ways to improve profit through purchasing, improving procedures, and gauging and improving efficiencies.

2)  Personnel accountability - The guys we have right now are excellent, but there''s always room for improvement.  This would be making sure the guys are getting their 40 hours in.

3)  Keeping guys busy for increased retention.  We have incredible retention already, so maybe this isn''t even a thing.  I always think guys are happiest with full paychecks, so I like to make sure they work for weeks (some guys want this, while others don''t). We can make this better by keeping and using a "rain day to-do list"  To keep the building and property looking nicer.

4)  Bonus programs - I want to implement a bonus program for our install guys based on performance.

5)  Performance reviews - With the assistance of the project manager, give installers annual reviews.

6)  Setting goals - This would be for production as a whole and individual goals.  It would be great for the guys to know their growth potential.

7)  Production/Sales liaison - Work with our sales managers to make sure we''re communicating between the two departments.

8)  Recruiting - Working with Alex Ball and Barry to add installers.

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