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Located in Denton, MD

Salary: $20/hr

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Our client company in Caroline County, MD is seeking a Finishing Operator.


Job summary: Performs processing and finishing of company braided packing. The position is generally responsible for taking braided packing and dipping into baskets of lubricants. After processing, the packing is finished using a calendaring machine with metal plates that squeezes the packing into shape and size. The finished product is stored in barrels as semi-finished material (SEMI) used to create finished parts (FP).


Specific Responsibility:  

·         Interpret production documents to determine processing and finishing schedule in conjunction with customer order priorities determined by sales.

·         Work directly with braiding machine operators to ensure the dry braided packing coming off the braiding machines is the correct style, size, density and shape. This may require having the braiding machine operator revise a Braider Machine Setup Sheet (BMSS) to achieve.

·         After material processing and finishing, the barrel material should be of acceptable quality for use by other departments focusing on finished parts: Wipes, Rings, East and West Packaging.

·         Report quality issues and scrap amounts for braided packing that does not conform to quality standards.

·         Process braided packing according to the BMSS. This may include dipping baskets of braided packing into PTFE, 501 graphite mix, lubricants such as perfecta, silicone or mineral oil.

·         Finishing is primarily calendaring the braided packing via a machine with metal plates to achieve size, density and shape. Also stenciling packing style 1389 GFO packing via a machine.

·         Accurately complete and forward (or enter in SAP) production documents with appropriate stamps, quantity, date, initials, etc., as per appropriate work procedures.

·         Manage a clean & productive workstation with all tools maintained and calibrated, as required.


Required Minimum Qualifications

A basic mechanical aptitude and willingness to learn should allow a person to perform the job functions above.



HS Diploma / Equivalent


Skills and Experience

A minimum of 1-year previous technical or mechanical experience preferred.

Basic mechanical skills needed.

Close visual attention, manual dexterity, reasoning, and judgment are required.

Ability to learn effective use of calipers and gauges.


Essential Job Functions


Job Environment:


Physical Requirements:        

Standing                                   Frequently (46-100%)

Sitting                                      Rarely (0-15%)

Lifting                                      Up to 25lbs without assistance

Carrying                                   Up to 25lbs without assistance

Walking                                   Frequently (46-100%)

Hearing                                     Ability to detect noises with or without corrective device(s)

Vision                                      Clarity of vision, with or without corrective lenses


Mental Requirements:                            

Problem Solving                       Occasionally (16-45%)

Making Decisions                     Ability to make decisions that have a moderate impact

Supervise                                 Rarely (0-15%)

Interpret Data                           Frequently (46-100%)

Organize                                  Occasionally (16-45%)

Read/Write                               Occasionally (16-45%)

Communication                        Frequently (46-100%)



Work Environment

High Temperatures                   Occasionally (16-45%)

Low Temperatures                    Rarely (0-15%)

Noises                                      Loud (manufacturing environment, movement of large equipment)

Fumes Exposure                       Frequently (46-100%)

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