Part Time Warehouse Associate


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Located in san luis obispo, CA

Salary: 16.50

We are looking for an organized and motivated warehouse assistant to join our team. *24 hours a week * *Warehouse Assistant Duties and Responsibilities: * Move inventory and materials throughout the store/warehouse Handle delicate and sensitive products with utmost care Process inventory for deliveries/pickups Sort, organize, and store inventory in proper location Package items and label correctly Report damaged or missing inventory to supervisors Stack and organize large bulk items Handle and operate necessary tools and accessories in maintaining and managing a warehouse .

*Warehouse Assistant Requirements and Qualifications: Able to pass drug test/background check Physically able to stand, sit, move, squat, walk, during the course of the shift . Able to work in a fast-paced environment Able to work independently High attention to detail and monitors quality/quantity of inventory Highly organized and able to store items efficiently Must follow all health and safety procedure and regulations as dictated by the organization and the state.

Part Time Tuesday - Thursday weekly
If you are retired and bored at home, please apply

this position could become full time if desired

*** Job Site is in San Luis Obispo *****

Express Office: Arroyo Grande
260 South Halcyon Road
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
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