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Who We Are

Kreft Moto and CushCore are sister companies located in Bend, Oregon. We design and manufacture performance products for mountain bikes and off-road motorcycles. Our products include patented innovations like CushCore tire inserts, a foam damper for tubeless tires, and Revalve Control, an instant suspension adjustment system.


The companies were founded by Adam Krefting, an engineer and former elite off-road racer. Our team is housed under one roof. We are a tight-knit collection of lifelong riders and racers who are personally and professionally dedicated to growing our brands. We foster open communication across all levels of the company, and we encourage staff to exercise creative freedom in their work. We are a classic example of making a career out of your passion.


Our history demonstrates we have a knack for developing original ideas into successful products. Our future in these competitive industries depends on our ability to stay ahead of the established players.


The Companies

Kreft Moto is a KTM suspension tuning company started in Adam’s garage in 2011. Today it is one of the largest suspension tuners in the country and has a growing catalogue of aftermarket products. Kreft stands out in the industry with data-driven tuning methods, proprietary performance upgrades, and unmatched customer service.


CushCore transforms tubeless mountain bike tires into a suspension system with a tune-able air spring and foam damper. As the original performance tire insert, CushCore dominates the mountain bike industry and has earned multiple World Cup Championships.


Why We Need a Leader

The owner currently serves as President while also directing engineering and product development. Our growth in recent years makes it necessary to separate these roles. Moreover, the owner is a great product developer and a mediocre manager. We want to hire a more talented and experienced manager. Let’s work to our strengths. All the other pieces are in place. The right leader could have a huge impact.


More About Bend, Oregon

Bend is surrounded by some of the best riding in the country, along with rivers, lakes, mountains, and endless outdoor activities. Check out more at



  • Take over as the organization’s primary leader, responsible for all non-technical aspects of the business.
  • Work with the owner and leadership team to establish goals, strategies, and supporting management tools such as performance metrics, proformas, and sales targets.
  • Evaluate current strategies and initiatives based on objective criteria, ensuring mechanisms are in place to gather and analyze relevant data. Apply findings to improve future decisions.
  • Monitor financial performance relative to company objectives and take corrective measures when necessary.
  • Oversee financial management, including budgets, cashflow, financing, and taxes.
  • Directly supervise department managers and guide them in managing their teams. Implement management practices that can scale with the business.
  • Ensure staff understand priorities and expectations, and regularly receive performance feedback.
  • Implement procedural improvements, such as coordinating projects involving multiple departments.
  • Identify opportunities to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and eliminate “firefighting.”
  • Spearhead special projects, such as new facility design and build out.


What You Will Need

  • Education may vary. We’re more interested in your record leading similar organizations in the past.
  • A strong desire to lead this organization. The staff is really dedicated. They need a leader who cares and wants to be here.
  • Minimum 3-year commitment. Our leader should aim for sustainable growth over short-term profits.
  • Extensive experience riding mountain bikes or dirt bikes.
  • Willing to join us for Friday afternoon cleaning, including the bathroom rotation (and get why we do it).


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Express Office: Bend
61379 South Highway 97
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