Casino Staff


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Located in Marina, CA

Basic job description:

They will be working with people (customers and dealers) in the casino. Their job will be seating at table games like three card poker, black jack, and paigow poker to monitoring the games; making sure all the payouts are correct, if anyone is trying to cheat, etc. In another word, they’ll be gambling/banking against other players. It is a very fast paste working environment.

Basic job requirements:

* has basic addition, multiplication math skills; preferred strong basic math skills

* good customer service, best if they have experience in that field

* positive personality

* team player/good work ethic

* Must have a CLEAN background

Starting pay:

$16/hr, after the 90 days probation, they can get up to $1 raise depending on performance upon review. Then on, there will still be room for them to grow within the company. Our supervisors get pay up $20-$25 per hour.

Benefits: we do offer full benefits to our employees after the 90 probation period.

There will be a two weeks paid pre-screening/training once they pass the interview. Within that time, we will determine if the candidates are suitable for the job.

Express Office: Monterey County
45 West Alisal Street
Salinas, CA 93901
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