Commercial Foreman


Located in Medford, OR

Salary: $30-40/HR

Commercial Foremen


Work Hours: 8 hours Monday thru Friday, weekends, graveyard, and swing shifts when required, start times vary. ½ hour lunch.


Working Conditions: Out of town, confined spaces, existing buildings, new building, outside, and roofs.


Primary Job Functions: Installation and coordination of HVAC systems in commercial buildings. Be able to coordinate jobs that have been assigned. Be able to lift heavy materials and equipment, climb ladders safely, work on rooftops (tied off) and in confined spaces when necessary. Be professional in dealings with other trades and fellow employees.

  1. Coordination:
  • Coordinate the project installation with GC and other subcontractors
  • Coordinate material orders with shop, warehouse, and project coordinator
  1. Communication:
  • Communicate needs to supervisor, including man power, tools, …..
  • Communicate project installation with GC and other subcontractors
  • Communicate daily tasks to employees
  • Communicate material orders with warehouse and project coordinator (verbal and written)
  • Communicate ductwork orders with Shop (verbal and written)
  • Communicate project schedule and needs with owner or GC
  • Communicate project installation and questions with building inspectors
  1. Installation:
  • ductwork and accessories
  • refrigerant pipe
  • flashing
  • HVAC equipment
  • Curbs and roof penetrations
  1. Organization:
  • Deliveries of material and equipment to job site
  • Craning of equipment
  • Ordering of materials
  • Project Flow
  • Employee tasks



  1. Time: Understands the importance of the following items
  • Being on time to work everyday
  • Encouraging others to be on time everyday
  • Material orders turned in timely, giving the warehouse time to fill the order
  • Ductwork orders turned in timely, giving the shop time to build
  • Scheduling inspections to avoid extra trip
  • Scheduling startups timely, giving dispatcher time to schedule tech
  • Scheduling control work timely, giving the dispatcher time to schedule tech
  1. Skills: Has and always improving the following skills
  • reading and understanding Plans
  • reading and understanding specification
  • reading and understanding SMACNA book
  • reading and understanding code book
  • Reading and understanding project paperwork
  • Writing RFI’s
  • Time management
  • Labor management
  • Reading Schedules
  • Making schedules
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Coordination
  • Understanding HVAC systems
  • Using a smart phone
  1. Certifications: Has and maintains the following certification and licenses
  • Sheet Metal or HVACR Journeymen
  • Brazing
  • Rigging and signaling
  • Forklift
  • EPA
  • OSHA 10 or better
  • ODL with good record
  1. Training: Participate in the following
  • Answering questions from others employees
  • Training meetings
  • Working with other employees to improve their skills
  • Recognizing employees needs




  1. Leadership: Understand and implements the following
  • Everyone is important to the success of every project
  • Employees are the most important asset
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated
  • Company culture
  • Hungry Humble Smart
  1. Paperwork:
  • Turn in timecard weekly
  • Turn in Pre-task plans weekly
  • Turn in Inventory withdraws from trucks daily
  • Turn in truck inspections monthly
  • Turn completed punch lists as needed
  • Turn in As-builds at completion
  1. Safety: Understands and enforces the following
  • OSHA regulations
  • Pre-task plans
  • Wearing PPE
  • Company Policies
  1. Appearance:
  • Company shirt
  • Clothing with no holes or tears
  • Clean clothing every morning


Performance Indicators: Certain key business indicators that will measure the effectiveness of this position. These include the following:

  1. Contractors and customers are satisfied with your performance and Quality of work.
  2. Jobs are well-organized and completed efficiently.
  3. Job work field hours are on budget.
  4. Items are not overlooked; punchlists are short.
  5. Paperwork, including timecards, material lists, and as-builds are complete
  6. No safety violations or accidents.
  7. Good working relationships with fellow employees and others at jobsite.
  8. The satisfaction of a job done right.

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