Facilities Maintenance Technician


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Located in Fayetteville, NC

Salary: $18.00/hour

$18.00/hour Facilities Maintenance Technician

The maintenance technician position conducts facility upkeep, inspections, repairs and preventive maintenance service.

Duties include inspecting buildings, maintaining inventory, and making repairs. Including painting, carpentry, appliance maintenance, small HVAC repairs, small plumbing issues and other maintenance duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:

-Survey and repair properties to ensure they are consistent with health and safety standards
-Perform maintenance of electrical systems (replace light bulbs and sockets, clean and repair circuit breaker panels etc.)
-Maintain heating and plumbing systems to ensure functionality
-Inspect alarm systems (fire, protection) and schedule repairs when needed
-Perform manual repairs when necessary (fix locks, replace windows etc.)
-Conduct general upkeep procedures (e.g. landscaping) and other tasks as assigned (painting, carpentry etc.)

Job Requirements:

-Proven experience as maintenance technician
-Basic understanding of electrical and plumbing systems
-Knowledge of general maintenance processes and methods
-Working knowledge of tools, common appliances and devices




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