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Located in Durango, CO

Salary: 16

Position Description: Energy Technician I for Weatherization is a technical non-exempt position that performs a variety of home energy weatherization and insulation procedures in accordance with established practices and Colorado Energy Office (CEO) Weatherization (WX) field standards and procedures.

Major Areas of Responsibility:
• Performs specific weatherization procedures including, but not limited to:
o Hang and weather-strip doors.
o Glaze, caulk and weather-strip windows.
o Install vapor barriers and other energy conservation measures in crawl spaces.
o Seal rim joists, top plates, roof leaks and minor plumbing leaks.
o Wrap duct pipes and water lines.
o Calculate and install adequate combustion air and ventilation openings for foundation and roof vents.
o Installs flue barriers and minor sheet metal work.
• Installs insulation in attics, sidewalls, etc. in accordance with manufacturer''s specifications and CEO standards.
• Operates a variety of calculation equipment including computerized blower door. Also, operates insulating machinery.
• Utilizes power tools and other hand tools for repair work.
• Conducts an educational component with each household.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.

• Must be proficient in weatherization and insulation measures to include:
o General Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)
o Insulation measures
o Blower door technology
• Must be capable of learning & understanding field standards and other energy conservation methods.
• Must be capable of taking written and practical tests for training and certification purposes.
• Must be willing to learn and abide by all safety requirements.
• Relate well to low income, handicapped and elderly clients.
• Have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with:
Co-workers, clients and the general public.
• Be able to conduct client education on energy related matters.
• Be able to operate computerized blower door equipment.
• Have the ability to safely operate common hand & power tools.
• Possess and maintain a valid Colorado Driver''s License and good driving record.
• Fluency in Spanish is highly desirable.
• Be able to attend CEO required training sessions and be certified in certain areas.
• High School diploma or equivalent with previous experience in home construction or maintenance, carpentry or related areas OR any equivalent combination of education and experience.

Other Conditions and Requirements:
? Travel to outlying areas to preform work and on occasion stay overnight at a motel to stay in proximity to the work site.
? Use standard hand and power tools (electric drill, hole hog, sawz-all) from ground level to 18” overhead.
? Climb a 16’ ladder carrying common hand and power tools.
? Work from a ladder reaching 18” to the right or left to use common hand and power tools.
? Traverse and work on a roof with a pitch of 8” per 12” run.
? Pull self up 2’ by the arms from a 6’ step ladder to enter a 15”x 18” attic hatch.
? Lift a 35 pound bag of insulation from ground level to full arm extension.
? Crawl through a crawl space access hatch 15”x 18” in size.
? Carry 48” perimeter insulation weighing 35 pounds and manipulate it in a 24” crawl space.
? Crawl on ones back in a 24” high crawl space for a distance of up to 60’.
? Work overhead in a 24” crawl space using common tools.
? Carry and manipulate a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood, dry wall or cellotex.
? Work in damp, dirty quarters while exposed to extremes in temperature.
? Valid driver’s license required
? Pre-employment background check and drug screening required.

Express Office: Durango
321 South Camino Del Rio
Durango, CO 81303
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