Maintenance Technician


Located in Elma, WA

Maintenance Technician needed for local health care facility. 

Job Summary
Technician is responsible for maintaining and repairing utility systems, emergency systems and the physical environment of the buildings. Must be able use independent judgment in assessing problems and devising work methods. Will be available for emergency/on-call as needed.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
1. Follow all established safety procedures and precautions when performing maintenance services.
2. Maintain general facility and ensure a safe, clean and orderly environment that will enable hospital to achieve its purpose and standards of patient care.
3. Report all accidents/incidents, no matter how minor, and all unsafe/hazardous conditions, defective equipment, etc. to Facilities Manager immediately.
4. Receive and follow maintenance schedule/instructions from Manager as outlined in maintenance policies and procedures.
5. Perform routine maintenance on facility and equipment including plumbing, plastering, painting, electrical, carpentry, mechanical, etc.
6. Perform routine maintenance on grounds, parking areas, driveways, etc. by cutting, trimming, policing, sweeping, and otherwise instructed or directed.
7. Ensure functionality of all lights on property; inside and outside the facility.
8. Service heating and cooling units/systems as specified by the manufacturer and in compliance with established policies and procedures.
9. Perform unscheduled maintenance tasks as directed.
10. Meet with department personnel on a regular basis to assist in identifying and correcting problem areas or improvements.
11. Attend and participate in in-services education classes and on-the-job training programs as required.
12. Assure that work areas are clean, and that equipment, tools and supplies are properly stored away before leaving areas on break or end of workday.
13. Perform floor maintenance, including using machine to strip wax and reapplication of wax.
14. Ensure that all established safety rules are followed at all times.
15. Performs other related duties as assigned


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