Yard Worker - Swing Shift


Located in North Plains, OR

Salary: $18.65

Yard Worker

Day and Swing shift positions available! 

Swing Shift: Monday - Friday, 2:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Pay: $18.65

North Plains, OR

Job Description:

  • Clean around/under the mill
    • Manage debris and maintain cleanliness of work area
    • Work safely around equipment
    • Apply lockout procedures appropriately
    • Use proper equipment, tools and techniques
    • Operate skid steer safely and efficiently
    • Adhere to restrictions of designated areas
    • Use Blue Light properly
    • Leave work area clean for the next shift
  • Unplug conveyors and resizer
    • Use touch screen appropriately
    • Apply lockout procedures appropriately
    • Complete confined space checklist/procedure
  • Preform knife change with Milwright
    • Use touch screen effectively
    • Apply lockout procedures appropriately
    • Use proper equipment, tools and knife handling techniques
    • Exchange knives for next knife change 
  • Clean around trailer loader and wrapper rack
    • Use radio to announce presence in the area
    • Use barricades/cones to redirect traffic during operating times
  • Fill chip plant water tank
    • Operate water truck properly/safely
    • Use CB or company radio to announce presence
    • Attach fill hose and operate PTO properly
  • Watch for and report operating issues
    • Report mechanical issues to millwright and supervisor
    • Report excessive accumulations of debris to supervisor
    • Report excessive jams/plug-ups to millwright and supervisor
    • Report hazardous conditions to supervisor immediately
  • Clean the breakroom
    • Remove garbage
    • Sweep & mop floors
    • Wipe tables

Clean Up Expectations:

  • Must follow all policies, procedures, rules, etc., and wear all required, company issued, personal protective equipment pertinent to this position.
  • Will be self-motivated and work with minimal supervision.
  • Shall immediately report any equipment damage, near miss accident, unsafe condition, observed unsafe work practices, injury etc., promptly to shift supervisor,
  • Must work individually and cooperatively as a team and with other employees, our customers, truck drivers, etc.
  • Must use common sense in performing my job duties by recognizing unsafe conditions and responding appropriately, placing myself in danger, etc.
  • Must ask questions of coworkers, supervisors, safety personnel, etc. when confronted with unfamiliar situations.
  • Shall assist in repairs, cleanup of mill, etc., as needed, when the operations are shut down for any reason.
  • Must do pre and post use inspections of equipment and immediately report any damage, unsafe conditions, problems, etc., discovered to a supervisor or millwright, prior to beginning work. Examples of problems could be damage to skid steers and , bucket loaders, chain saws, personal protective equipment, conveyors, electrical components, stairs, walkways, ladders, etc.
  • Shall follow the Company Tobacco policy, which strictly prohibits smoking at our facility, except at designated locations.
  • Shall communicate clearly and professionally, verbally and in writing, with supervisors, coworkers, customers, drivers, and others that an employee in this position may come in contact with.
  • Shall be alert to ensure that truck drivers, visitors, and other employees observe pertinent safety procedures and rules while at our facility, e.g. stands clear of hazardous operating areas, wears proper personal protective equipment, etc.
  • Will assist in the training of new and transferred employees to this position as requested by management.
  • Shall follow safe lifting procedures, bending the legs and lifting with the leg muscles not the weaker back muscles, and request help when an object is too heavy, large or awkward to move by yourself.
  • Must be a positive-minded, customer-oriented representative of the company.
  • Shall be flexible in the assignment of work in areas that may be related or unrelated to normal job assignment.
  • Shall proficiently follow company Lockout Policy when required, including procedures for resetting electrical panels. Must be proficient in equipment and electrical panel identification to ensure proper equipment is locked out. Immediately contact the supervisor with any problems or questions.
  • Shall safely and efficiently operate a chain saw as required for this position, following the chain saw operating policy found in the written accident prevention program. Shall only operate chainsaw after receiving proper training from supervisor and have been advised of being qualified.
  • Shall monitor problem areas on the mills and take appropriate action to minimize down time of operations.
  • Shall safely and efficiently operate equipment pertinent to this position; e.g., skid steer, bucket loader, etc. Shall only operate equipment after receiving proper training from supervisor and have been advised of being qualified.
  • Shall ensure that there is clear access to, and that the area in front of ANY electrical panel or disconnect is kept clear for 36”
  • Shall proficiently follow all policies, procedures, rules, etc., pertinent to this position; e.g., procedure for removing jammed logs from chipper throat, communicating with tower and shovel operator when proceeding to shovel slip to buck logs, safe operation of chain saw, etc.
  • Shall safely and efficiently assist with changing chipper knives and follow policy for getting them to knife sharpening room.
  • Shall wisely prioritize jobs with minimal supervision, to prevent interruption of production operations.
  • Will work efficiently and in a timely manner to accomplish assigned tasks.

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