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Located in Atlanta, GA

Salary: 16.00

Fabricates wooden crates or boxes, using woodworking hand tools and powered tools, and packs such items, or other large or odd-shaped products: Reads blueprints, shipping notices, and other specifications, and inspects product to determine size and shape of container, materials to be used, and types of supports and braces to be used. Able to operate a nail gun, chop saws, staple guns, and able to read a measuring tape to ½ inch.

Job duties:
• Lays out dimensions on materials with ruler, measuring tape, and pencil.
• Saws materials to size, using handsaws and powered saws.
• Selects specified type of lumber and materials
• Prepares layout
• Marks cutting and assembly lines on materials
• Shapes materials to prescribed measurement
• Build components of crates (bases, Walls)
• Assembles cut and shaped materials and fastens them together with nails or staples.
• Assembles materials, using nailing or stapling machine, screws, bolts, glue, and hand tools.
• Places product in container, manually or using hoist.
• Attaches identification labels or stencils containing such information as shipping destination, weight, and type of product contained on crate.
• Repairs broken crates.
• Counts items to be packed to ensure compliance with shipping orders.
• Weighs loaded crate.
• Moves container to shipping area, and move lumber, paper, and other wrapping supplies to crating area, using hand or industrial truck.


Requires steel toed shoes. Hours are Monday-Friday 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Pay $16.00/hr.



Express Office: Atlanta (Northeast)
3301 Buckeye Road
Suite 510
Atlanta, GA 30341
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