general labor


Located in Worcester, MA

Salary: 15.00

  • Control traffic that might be around the construction site by posting signs indicating people are working and redirecting any vehicles to side roads
  • Unload materials from trucks and place them at the proper location on the site; distribute materials to contractors
  • Perform numerous types of manual labor, including digging trenches to lay down piping and mixing concrete inside a portable cement mixer
  • Maintain all pieces of equipment by routinely inspecting machinery, conducting repairs and ordering replacements when necessary
  • Provide any assistance to the contractors when asked
  • Conduct inspections once a project is complete and walk through the premises of the construction site to ensure everything meets the desired specifications before showing it to the client
  • Assist specialty craft workers, such as roofers and painters, with any tasks they might need

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Ability to perform a variety of physical tasks
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Previous experience working on construction sites
  • Understanding of and willingness to abide by all safety protocols
  • Ability to pass a drug/background check


  • High school education or equivalent

Express Office: Worcester
1241 Main Street
Suite 5
Worcester, MA 01603
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