Insulation Installers


Top Job

Located in Ostrander, OH

Salary: Up to $17 hour

Delaware, OH

1st shift

Up to $17


INSULATION INSTALLERS.    Delaware area company.  Do "not" use fiberglass insulation.  Use celulose insulation so there is not the itch as like with fiberglass.  Schedule is M-F 7am to approx 3pm or 5pm, but will work during the day daily till the job is done.  Most start at $13 - $14 hour based on experience and up to $17 hour.    Potential to make up to $17 an hour after a year or two and moving into other responsibilities.


Express Offices:
Delaware, OH 
96 West William St.
Delaware, OH 43015
Columbus North
6838 Flags Center Dr.
Columbus, OH 43226
( Intersection of I-270, Cleveland Ave., Shrock Rd. )

Express Office: Delaware (Columbus North)
96 West William Street
Delaware, OH 43015
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