General Labourer (Tarpers)


Located in Concord, ON

Salary: $18/hr

Currently seeking Tarpers for our client site in Vaughan/Concord to Preserve Product by spraying Rust Preventative and Tarping Trailers in a Safe and orderly manner and to ensure that loads arrive and stay dry from weather condition and on time.


Safety Equipment Required: Hard Hats, Safety Boots, Safety Glasses, Gloves, Harness Use and Respirator When Applying Rust Preventative.


The Tarper Shall:
1. Confirm load is completed.
2. Inspect the load to ensure that it is safe to spray & tarp.
3. Receive schedule by the supervisors or dispatcher.
4. Schedule will indicate all trailers that require rust preventative & tarping for the next 24 hours of work.
5. Loads are loaded and then placed into tarping area from all 3 plants by the shunters.
6. Before starting assignment JOB NUMBER MUST BE SCANNED IN.
7. Place ladder in an area that you can have easy access up and down and confirm ladder is secure.
8. Remove or inform supervisor of any loose debris on or in the trailer of material.
9. Spray the load down with a mist of Rust Preventative if required.
10. Place dry corner protectors on ends so that plastic and tarps do not rip or tear.
11. Cover the load with clean and dry plastic that is provided to you.
12. Plastic must be placed to cover the whole load (all 4 corners).
13. Place the tarp over the load and drape the tarp down until steel is all covered (if the load requires 2 tarps place the back one on first and over lap the front one on top of the back so wind does not catch while transporting).
14. Fold the tarps between the deck of trailer and the steel so that the steel is covered by 14- road spray and tarps are secure.
15. Use budgie cords to tie down tarps on side rails.
16. When assignment is complete JOB NUMBER MUST BE SCANNED OUT.


Please Note, that the dispatcher or supervisor can change any given time the job number and the traping schedule will need to be changed.
The Tarp Target is 30 minutes on 44000 lb. loads and 45 minutes on 80000 lb. loads.


Storage of Equipment and materials:
Equipment and materials must be stored accordingly to the carriers. Inventory of all material used must be accounted for by the Billing Office Supervisor. Storage of spray cans must be stored accordingly in a designated area.


Safe Tarping Rules:
1. Bundles are secure and stable on to trailer
2. Bundles are properly strapped
3. Load is within the width of trailer bed
4. Safety Harness must be worn at all times
5. Ladder must be secure and stable at all times


Trailers Backing in:
1. When trailers are backing in you must be at a safe distance
2. The driver must be aware of your position at all times


Job Safety Operations:
Never - use an unstable ladder
Never - stand on blind spot when drivers are backing in trailer
Never - climb a load if you are not sure that it is safe
Never - run on top of a load
Never - stand above 10 feet from the deck of trailer with out support
Never - walk on an unstable bundle
Never - jump off a trailer use a ladder
Never - smoke or allow anyone to smoke in the area of the Rust Preventative
Never - leave loose debris on trailers or in tubes
Always - follow Welded Tubes Safety Policy
Always - stay clear of trailers backing up into position
Always - check the load for any unforeseen pockets / holes within the load before placing plastic / tarps
Always - wear protective equipment
Always - ask the shift supervisor if you feel the load is unsafe or incomplete
Always - have shift supervisor inspect load before departure
Always - stand clear of spring back from budgie cord when tying down tarps
Always - be cautious of walking on steel before and after spraying rustilo
Always - be cautious of walking on load after plastic is placed on

Failure to follow Safety Operations: Potential loss of life or serious injury.

1. All safety procedures are being followed.
2. Sign offs on the tarpping schedule are being completed.


Why Apply?

  • Competitive compensation, $18 per hour
  • Health Benefits after evaluation hire 
  • Our Richmond Hill branch is a small local office that is part of a larger organization - the best of both worlds.

We thank all that apply. Only selected candidates will be contacted.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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