IT Technician


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Located in Mooresville, NC

Salary: 18.00-19.00

Dealing with doctors, nurses, directors, supervisors, CEO, COO, contractors, vendors, etc either by phone call or in-person.


Resolve tickets by troubleshooting hardware such as monitor, computer, keyboard, mouse, laptop, printers, projectors, etc. (remoting into their PC, or phone call, or in-person)


Resolve tickets by troubleshooting software such as PULSE, DAR, Aionex, Citrix, Alpha Collector, MAP, Outlook, Word, Isynergy, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, IE browser, etc (remoting into their PC, or phone call, or in-person).


Activate Directory and DHCP


Re-image computers to Windows 7


Complete various projects told by senior IT and Director IT


Manage computer equipment and tracking it on spreadsheet


Manage 60-80 workstations at the Shared Service Center


Setup user's workstation


Configure Avaya/Nortel VOIP


Unlock/reset password for users


Add or remove RAM, Hard drive, DVD drive, PSU


Configure Apple iOS devices and Android devices

Express Office: Mooresville
105 Singleton Road
Unit 104
Mooresville, NC 28117
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