Material Handler - Crane and Forklift Operator


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Located in Winston-Salem, NC

Salary: 15.40

We are recruiting for a full time 2nd shift material handler for a large company in Winston-Salem. The pay is $15.40/hr, and hours are 6:00pm-4:30am M-TH, F 2:00pm-10:30pm.


  • Perform somewhat routine and repetitive operations involved in the loading, unloading, lofting, moving, transferring, stacking, storing, marking, and identifying all types of steel material such as beams, channels, plates, bars, angles, pipes, rods and similar materials or products.
  • Duties require the simple use of hoists, overhead cranes, hooks, slings, pry bars, blocks, racks, pallets pans and similar devices or equipment.
  • Work from instructions of lead man, lists, cutting tickets and similar shop orders. Operate hoists and overhead cranes to lift, move and transfer material throughout the plant work areas, holding areas and storage areas. Safely and properly hook and balance loads for safe transporting by hoist or overhead crane. Using cutting tickets, material lists or shop job orders, locate and properly mark material as required.
  • Check material list on incoming carriers, note any discrepancies and advise lead man. Help others set up, operate and adjust machines such as burning tables, press brakes, saws, shears, punches and welding machines. At times, under the immediate supervision of the operator, operate the machine as set up and adjusted by the operator.
  • Mark and/or tag material with proper job number, piece mark and other identifying marks as required.
  • Keep records of job time, production and other data as required.
  • Detect faulty operation of equipment and/or defective materials. Refer questionable cases to Superintendent.
  • Maintain work area, tools and equipment in a clean, orderly and proper manner. Follow company quality and quantity work requirements and safety rules and regulations.
  • Perform these and other duties as required.

Express Office: Winston-Salem
159 Jonestown Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
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