General Production-Day Shift


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Located in Waco, TX

Salary: $11/hr.

General Production - Day Shift, 7AM-7PM.

You will work every other weekend with this work schedule.

Every Two Weeks, you will be required to work 36 hours 1 week, 48 hours the next.


Paid weekly.

$11/hr. to start but, this company has a Perfect Attendance Incentive Program to raise your pay to $11.25/hr.

There will also be opportunities to work into other positions at higher pay rates and, after 90 days you could be hired on directly with this company at $15/hr.

With this schedule you will work every other weekend but, your unscheduled weekends you will be off Friday/Saturday and Sundays. 

You will have the opportunity to volunteer for extra hours, especially during your short week, for some additional over-time. 

Position Overview:
The General Production Worker position will support plant operations by performing job duties that constitute the production, inspection and distribution of products or services. The incumbent will ensure that safety, quality, productivity, cost control & customer satisfaction is maintained at the highest levels.

• Maintains a safe and clean working environment, observes and follows all safety polices, wears appropriate and prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE). Must complete any necessary and/or required safety training
• Maintains safe & orderly storage area by arranging material, products and equipment as required.
• Must practice good housekeeping skills (i.e. sweeping, wiping, mopping, trash disposal, etc.). Maintains a clean, neat and well-organized work area, which includes returning items to appropriate location and areas (i.e. backdrops, brass, strapping, pallet jacks, etc.)
• Ensures that product is organized, stacked and stored appropriately in accordance with the facilities inventory process.
• Immediately notifies line operator, line leads and management of quality issues and concerns. Finished Product should be visibly acceptable and inspected for 100% customer satisfaction (i.e. hoses are clean, neat, properly arranged in boxes/ packaging, crimped, utilized correct materials, etc).
• Takes ownership in ensuring products produced meet quality standards and are built according to the product specification sheet.
• Ensures all components are correct per the specification (i.e. verification processes, backdrops, brass, ties, etc)
• Demonstrates the ability to coil hoses both manually and through the use of technological automation.
• Responsible for maintaining and stocking table area on the auto coiler.
• Ensures appropriate materials are readily available prior to running production.
• Loads backdrops inside the auto coiler backdrop machine when needed in accordance with site safety processes and procedures.
• Clears loose scrap and obstructed hose from auto-coiler near the exiting conveyor in accordance with site safety processes and procedures.
• Insert ends and ensure all products are crimped in accordance with quality standards.
• Meets and exceeds all pallets produced (per hour) goals.
• Demonstrates the ability to identify and re-set minor errors as displayed on the auto-coiler screen. GP personnel access levels for example: (i.e. if automated machines are required to be reset more than three times in a 60 minute interval maintenance personnel will need to be notified immediately).
• Understands how to use andon lighting system in conjunction with the alarm system per map instructions.
• Package product in an accurate, timely and safe manner.

• Ability to work in non-climate controlled environments (hot in summer, cold in winter).
• Frequent exposure to loud machinery and noise.
• Ability to operate warehouse related equipment.
• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs using proper lifting techniques.
• Stand and walk frequently 90%-100% of the time.
• Carries, push, and pull materials frequently.

• High School diploma or equivalent.
• 1-3 years experience in manufacturing environment (preferred).
• Basic computer skills (e.g. Microsoft Office) (preferred).
• Strong attention to detail.
• Good verbal and written communication skills.
• Effective math and reading skills.
• Ability to work effectively in a team environment
• Organizational skills; ability to work with little supervision.

IMPORTANT: Shift Requirements
Company operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Employees work 12-hour shifts on a 2-week repeating schedule consisting of 48 hours during first week, 36 during second week. 

Working 48 hours one week and 36 hours the next week, the average pay rate over those 84 hours would be $11.52/hr.

Express Office: Waco
6321 Sanger
Waco, TX 76710
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