Fabricator (PVC Pool Rails)


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Located in Miami Lakes, FL

Salary: 12.00

The fabricators are building PVC Pool rails. The process is as follows. They have a 15-foot Heater oven with 2 drawers.

They place PVD pipes into the oven drawers and heat them up to make them pliable. They stage and grease an aluminum pipe (the mold) in the shape desired. Once heated to temperature they use specialized gloves to remove the pliable pipe which is now the consistency of a thick latex glove. Between 2-3 workers they insert the end of the plastic pipe over the aluminum pipe and slide it through the entire pipe leaving some plastic excess on both ends of the mold. Then they take the entire mold outside to cool.

They also shape and mold smaller pipes on table molds. Basically, just a wood shape on a table and they run a spring through the inside of the pipe to hold the pipes in place until they cool off.

Currently installing a 4-drawer oven which will more than double the current volume being produced. There will be room to hire more people.

Additional skills, specialized equipment knowledge, certifications required

Must know how to use Table Saws, Chop Saws, Hand drills, Socket Wrenches, Screwdrivers, and Measuring Tapes.


Minimum Qualifications

Must know how to accurately read measurements and use power tools

Express Office: Miami-Dade (North)
16010 Northwest 57th Avenue
Suite 112
Miami Lakes, FL 33014
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