Dispatcher Manager (Code: NG)


Top Job

Located in ''Burnaby'', BC

Salary: $17-21/hr

Are you looking for a professionally satisfying role as Dispatcher with a very progressive career progression?


We are looking for a Full-Time Dispatch Specialist to work for an HVAC company based in Burnaby.

If you enjoy talking comfortably with people in various diverse spaces like Office Team, Technician Teams, Customers and anybody reaching out to your organization !! This job is for you.

Oh yes!! do you like to work with small dogs in your office. OMG!! they are so cute and adorable.


What you’ll be doing?

  • You will be the 'Super Coordinator" in the organization. Meaning, making the Office (inside) / Technician team (outside) work efficiently through your fantastic communication skills
  • I am sure you have fabulous communication skills when dealing with Customer and Prospects. That is your forte, right?
  • You will receive work orders and assign them to the Technical Teams and Drivers
  • If any member of the outside team needs help from the office staff - you are the most critical team member to help them.
  • OK, anybody needs any urgent help - you know what to do, I am sure. Coordinate both internally and externally (with your outside team) to help this client.
  • You are the darling for the outside team (Technicians). They look at you to get help and support all the time. I am sure you like that.
  • They may bring some coffee and doughnuts for you when you are sweet to them. I am sure, you will love this pampering.
  • I hope to have good telephone etiquette and a humble, sweet voice. After all, it is all about charming the caller on the phone.
  • Working on computers, Word, Excel and other MS Office suites should be easy for you.
  • You should come with an open mind to learn. The team is ever ready to train you and embrace you onboard.


What do we offer?

  • This is a great friendly office, where every staff member is engaged and helping to bring happiness and enjoy what they do.
  • The company is multicultural and very collaborative.
  • The location is close to transit and easily accessible
  • Very safe working environment
  • You get all the Group Medical Benefits once you are onboard.
  • You have two small puppies in your office to play with. Isn't it fun? You don't need to feel scared. They are adorable and cute.
  • You have an excellent Boss (the Owner). He is ever ready to reward you for a great job.
  • There is enough parking for your car if you want to drive to the office. BTW, there is no parking fee.


What we’re looking for?

  • A willingness to learn and be a great team player
  • Grade 12 diploma or equivalent is fine.
  • If you have a previous Dispatcher experience, that is fabulous.
  • We expect you to have a fluent working knowledge on computer and relevant documentation.
  • A good telephonic conversation skill it critically.
  • 'Customer First" attitude is very important for this role
  • You need to be a great source of positive energy in the organization.
  • They really need a " Sweet Talker", You know what I mean!!
  • I am sure you can write decent English with at least 30 -45 wpm.


The company offers all medicals benefits after the probation period and when hired full time.

Express Office: Burnaby
5050 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 4C2
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