Secret Shopper


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Located in Columbus, OH

Salary: $16 hour

Columbus, OH

Day & Night Schedule - set your own days / times

$16 hour


The "Secret Shopper" goes into bars, carry outs, restaurants, convenient stores and attempts to make a purchase of any age required item ( alcohol / tobacco ).  The Secret Shopper completes some basic info on a form for a short report.  Reports are submitted to our client.  Our client provides this as a service and training opportunity for proper identification in the food and beverage service industries.  There are usually two rounds of work per month.  This often involves some weekend days or nights.  There are usually about 3 up to 10 locations to visit during any given day or night for each round.  There are two rounds per month.  Round 1 is usually due by the 6th of each month.  Round two is usually due by the 12th of the month.  Candidates can set your own schedule within some of the client parameters.    


Express Offices:
Delaware, OH 
96 West William St.
Delaware, OH 43015
Columbus North
6838 Flags Center Dr.
Columbus, OH 43226
( Intersection of I-270, Cleveland Ave., Shrock Rd. )


Express Office: Delaware (Columbus North)
96 West William Street
Delaware, OH 43015
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