Senior Fiscal Assistant


Located in Eureka, CA

Salary: $17.38 an hour

This is an Senior Fiscal Assistant position. This is either working lead level in the fiscal support series, with responsibility for providing direction to a group of fiscal and/or general office assistants performing responsible fiscal support work.


Duties may include:

  • Lead direction, training and work review to a small fiscal and/or general office support staff; organizes and assigns work, sets priorities
  • Performs difficult or complex accounting or financial office support work and assists with special projects as assigned.
  • Reviews or prepares complex time reports; calculates complex differential, premium and shift pay rates; reviews or prepares personnel transactions, benefits processing and related reports; provides benefits and payroll information to employees.
  • Performs a variety of general office support work such as organizing and maintaining various files, typing correspondence, reports, forms, and specialized documents, and proofreading and checking materials for accuracy, completeness and compliance with departmental policies and regulations.

 To qualify you must be dependable, reliable, and have very good attention to detail. This is a Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm job working in Eureka.  Starting wage is $17.38/hr.  


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