Maintenance Director


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Located in Medford, OR

Salary: $21-$23

Ensure the building(s), equipment and utilities are maintained in good working order and facility grounds are properly maintained in accordance with facility policies and state and Federal Regulations.
Minimum Qualifications:
• Related experience at a level necessary to accomplish the job.
• Must have the ability to read, write and follow oral and written directions at a level necessary to accomplish the job.
• Must be able to relate positively and favorably to residents and families and to work cooperatively with other associates.
• Must maintain regular attendance.
• Must meet all local health regulations, and pass post-employment physical exam if required. This requirement also includes drug screening, criminal background investigation and reference inquiry.
• Basic understanding of computer technology, including email use.
Essential Job Functions
• Perform minor repairs and supervise the day-to-day repair, improvement and preventative maintenance of the building, equipment, lawn and grounds; arrange for and manage outside repair, maintenance and construction services according to procedures; and may perform and supervise floor care.
Unit Supervision
• Supervise maintenance staff in the day-to-day facility operations of assigned areas. Make job assignments and set priorities. Orient new staff and participate in recruitment and selection. Communicate policies, assist and coach as needed.
• Monitor work assignments, provide feedback, evaluate performance and discipline as needed.
• Maintain record manage budgets and supplies, and fulfill department head responsibilities.
• Ensure equipment and work areas are clean, safe and orderly; and strict adherence to procedures regarding cleaners or hazardous materials or objects; ensure Universal Precautions and infection control, isolation, fire, safety and sanitation practices and procedures are followed; and promptly address any hazardous conditions and equipment.
• Assist other as requested and function as a working supervisor in all areas of responsibilities as the departments’ budgeted hours and work-load require.
• Comply with all Company safety policies, regulations and requirements regarding fire and life safety.
• Comply with all Company safety policies regulations and requirements involving employee safety and patient safety. This includes but is not limited to: a zero tolerance for harassment and violence; following infection control procedures; following safe patient handling as required with your specific job position.
• May be required to assist in the evacuation of patients during emergency situations.
• Meet the general health requirements set forth by the policies of this facility.
Residents’ Rights and Positive Relationships
• Understand, comply with and promote all rules and regulations regarding residents’ rights.
• Promote positive relationships with residents, visitors, and regulators, to include presenting a professional appearance.
Physical and Sensory Requirements (With or Without Aid of Mechanical Devices):
This position is very active and requires;
• Walking, standing, reaching, bending, crouching, grasping, climbing, pushing, pulling and lifting objects.
• The ability to work at a rapid pace for an entire shift.
• The employee must regularly lift or move objects or equipment weighing up to 40 pounds and move objects weighing over 50lbs.
• Must be able to climb and maintain balance on ladders.
• Must have finger and hand dexterity sufficient to type, handle and manipulate instruments and operate departmental equipment.
• Have a working understanding of English: ability to read and write; ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions; ability to verbally communicate with residents and others; ability to hear and respond to pages.
• Ability to distinguish smells, tastes and temperatures.
• Ability to remain calm in emergency situations and when handling multiple tasks.
Other Functions and Responsibilities
• Must adhere to Code of Conduct and Business Ethics policy, including documentation and reporting responsibilities.
• Participate in Quality Improvement activities as assigned.
• Other duties as assigned or needed.
• Ability to understand and apply training from in-service education and ability to instruct personnel during training education and staff meetings.
• This position regularly requires long hours and frequent weekend work.
• This is a position in a health care facility open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Rotating shifts as well as holiday and working during inclement weather may be required.
Facility Specific Job Duties and Responsibilities
• I understand this job description and its requirements, and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned. I understand the job functions may be altered from time to time.
• I further understand that the purpose of this job description is to identify the major duties and responsibilities of the job and that it is not intended to contain each and every duty inherent in this job.
• I have noted below any accommodations that are required to enable me to perform these duties. I have also noted below any job responsibilities or functions which I am unable to perform, with or without accommodation.

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