Forming Department


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Located in Tulsa, OK

Salary: 14.00

The primary responsibility of the forming department is to turn straight tube or pipe into returns or elbows in accordance with industry standards.  Employee duties require basic skills in shop and safety procedures, mathematics, tooling, and a desire to produce a quality product.


The forming process includes the setup of the forming machine beginning with the bolting of the dies into a press or presses and a mandrel and rod set into a forming machine.  The proper size furnace box and burner, as well as positioning will have to be made to ensure fitting is formed correctly.  Fuel mixture and velocity will also need to be adjusted, sometimes throughout the day as conditions change in the furnace.


Once setup is made, the mandrel must be heated up to proper temperature. Operator must be able to operate forming machine control panel and adjust pressure to ensure proper forming of fitting.  After the fitting is run off the mandrel and is of a proper temperature and form, it may be sized in a die to achieve uniformity.  After sizing, the operator must check fitting for proper dimensions which includes I.D., wall thickness, length, and center to center or center to face.  Dimensions must meet minimum and maximum requirements.  Once this is accomplished, fitting may be placed in a wire basket.  Operator is required to keep a production count, and if fittings are to be heat treated, a count of fittings in his container.


Requirements of personnel in this department include the physical ability to lift up to 100 pounds, to load and unload blanks and fittings, as well as some hand plugs needed to round up I.D.’s.  The employee must be able to be on his feet constantly for an eight hour work day.


Other duties require the ability to operate a fork lift safely and to provide any basic cleanup that is required.

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