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Located in Bessemer, AL

Job Description Updated: 10/26/2018
Job Descriptions may change due to the need for labor in other areas and/or at the request of supervisor
General Job Description:
• Follow Guidelines to Maintain a Safe & Clean Working Environment
• Effectively interpreting blueprint/ technical drawings
• Proficiently install wiring, fixtures and other electrical components in newly constructed pre-cast modular
• Ability to repair/replace wiring, fixtures and other electrical components
• Ability to bend conduit and do so aesthetically when conduit is exposed (which is often in our product)
• Following regulations for building codes based on NEC guidelines
• Performing electrical work duties safely (as described in NFPA-70 E guidelines)
• Perform additional Tasks as instructed by Supervisor including Clean-Up and Housekeeping Tasks


• High School Diploma & Valid Driver’s License
• Ability to Speak, Read, and Understand English
• Ability to Pass a Drug Screen and Background Check
• Minimum of 5 years of Experience with Industrial and/or Commercial Electrical Work
• Ability to Pull wires, Bend Conduit, and Create Wire Taps
• Ability to perform job specific physical requirements under the specified working conditions including but not limited to:
o Willing to Work on Knees, Bend, Work Overhead and Can lift 50 lbs
• Self-Sufficient and Self-Motivated
• Reliable with Timely Transportation
o Strict Start of Day at 7:00 AM
• Knowledge of Safe Work Practices and Proper PPE Requirements
• Working Knowledge of Basic Construction Math, Blueprint and Technical drawing interpretation, and hand/power tool use – including use of conduit bender.
• Willingness to be trained to perform job in manner consistent with the unique specification of the electrical department at Modular Connections, LLC to fit the needs of the products we make and the Customers that we serve
• MUST be willing to work doing tasks outside of this description as needed, including housekeeping duties in work area
• Willingness to Work Overtime as Needed, Including Weekends
o Ability to Stay until Tasks are finished Properly – Flexible End of Day (Jobs May Require Staying Past 3:30 PM)
• Availability to Travel on Occasional Basis to Job Sites to Perform Work at Site Installation

Express Office: Birmingham (North)
1108 East Park Drive
Birmingham, AL 35235
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