Electrical Supervisor


Top Job

Located in Bessemer, AL

Salary: $17-$25 an hour

General Job Description:
• Schedule and Coordinate Team to Keep Up with Production Needs
o Plans installation and wiring of cable tray and equipment, such as generators, switches, switches, panelboards, HVACs and load centers according to wiring diagrams.
• Ensure Quality of Team’s Work by Checking on Steps of Production
• Occasional Hands-On Electrical Work in for Troubleshooting and Repairing Issues as they arise
• Administrative Duties consisting of verifying Time and Production Notes of Team
• Oversee Electricians to ensure Quality while Maintaining Schedule
• Provide Technical Guidance and Support Team for Installs
• Ensure Safety Standards and Compliance Codes are Followed
• Communicate with Other Departments Status of Buildings regarding Shipping
• Interpret Blueprints, Specifications, Written and Verbal Instructions
• Assist in Preventative Maintenance of the Plant and Office Facility
• Train and Instruct New Electricians and Maintain Consistent Training of Current Electricians
• Perform other duties as Needed including, but not limited to Electrical and Administrative
• Follow Guidelines to Maintain a Safe & Clean Working Environment
• Full-Time Position Monday through Friday 07:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
o Occasional additional Hours Including Evenings and Weekends may be Required


• High School Diploma & Valid Driver’s License
• Reliable and Timely Transportation
• Self-Sufficient and Self-Motivated
• Ability to Pass a Drug Screen and Background Check
• Ability to perform job specific physical requirements under the specified working conditions including but not limited to:
o Willing to Work on Knees, Willing to Work Outside when Necessary, and Can lift 50 lbs
• Knowledge of Safe Work Practices and Proper PPE Requirements
• Ability to bend conduit and do so aesthetically when conduit is exposed (which is often in our product)
• Ability to repair/replace wiring, fixtures and other electrical components
• Ability to effectively interpret blueprint/ technical drawings
• Proficiently installing wiring, fixtures and other electrical components
o Following regulations for building codes based on NEC guidelines
o Performing electrical work duties safely (as described in NFPA-70 E guidelines)
• Minimum of 10 Years Electrical Experience
o Minimum of Two of Formal Technical Training in Principles of Electricity and Electrical Design.
o Working Knowledge of Construction Math, Blueprint and Technical drawing interpretation, and hand/power tool use – including use of conduit bender.
o Knowledge of Panels, UPS, and Control
o Previous Experience in the Field of Electrical Install on Job Site Preferred

Express Office: Birmingham (North)
1108 East Park Drive
Birmingham, AL 35235
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