Line Technician


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Located in Champaign, IL

Salary: $29


Under the direction of the department supervisor/facilitator, this position will be responsible for the overall performance of an assigned area.  The line technician is primarily concerned with operation and direction of employees in such areas as the changeover, startup, continuous operation, and shutdown of the process.  The person should be familiar with all of the equipment to the point that they can make adjustments and repairs during its operation.  The person monitors all operations of the area to ensure that a quality product is produced.


The employee is responsible for performing the following duties within the department:

  1. Operation of equipment to optimize quality and productivity, adjustments, change oversee, troubleshooting and repairs.
  2. Preventative maintenance, developing, updating and executing the process.
  3. Equipment overhaul, modifications and installations.
  4. CMMS documentation.
  5. Training of line associates.
  6. Manage to MRO objectives.
  7. Continuous improvement through innovation.
  8. Ensure all products being produced meet quality specifications.
  9. Execution of basic equipment maintenance, cleaning, inspection, lubricating, and adjusting.
  10. Exhibits safe work habits and encourages other to work safely.
  11. Performs sanitation and assures compliance with sanitation standards.
  12. Compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  13. Performs all other duties as assigned by management.
  14. Position may include quality checks, including but not limited to GMP, HACCP, and weights.
  15. Know, understand, and comply with Kraft Food’s Environmental Policy.
  16. Reduce Kraft’s Environmental footprint.

Participate in the QRMP audit and assist in the development of procedures and corrective actions Oversee and lead the implementation of the QRMP (Quality Risk Management Process) system and operational standards as outlined in the plant accountability list.

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Champaign, IL 61821
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