Press Brake Operator


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Located in SPOKANE, WA

Salary: $14+ DOE

General Job Summary

Perform daily plant activities to effectively and safely fill and load the customer’s orders including, but not limited to: warehousing, material processing, handling, packaging, loading, and processing appropriate paperwork. Operate safely any of the Press Brakes or Rolls to meet the tolerances in a metal production environment. The operator determines which dies to use, removing the top die from the machine, or returning a die to the Press Brake. This position is very crucial, as this person is responsible for the safekeeping and appropriate operations of the brake equipment in the warehouse. This is an experience-level position; the job requires expertise and proficiency, a brake operator is required to carry out all tasks as assigned to them by their supervisor.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities

  1. Safe and efficient machine operation. This entails thorough knowledge of machine operation, routine preventative maintenance, trouble shooting, and recognition of mechanical problems.
  2. Safe and efficient use of material handling equipment to include, but not limited to: forklift, overhead crane, pry bar, spreader bar, chop saw, nail gun, hammer, chains/slings, cables, manual or pneumatic crimper, glommers, sheet loader or computer where they are designed to function. This entails thorough knowledge of equipment operation, load limits, routine preventative maintenance, and recognition of mechanical problems.
  3. Accurate interpretation of all relevant information on work orders, drawings or files. This includes product information, order due date and special instructions. Special instructions may include, but are not limited to: mill certifications, packaging and marking requirements, or product preferences (e.g. specific surface characteristics, specific vendor, specific chemical content, tag, etc.).
  4. Filling customer orders accurately. This entails insuring the correct material is used, the correct quantity is supplied, and the dimensions that pertain to the brake are within tolerance
  5. Accurate use of measuring equipment including, but not limited to: tape measures, calipers, squares, radius templates, digital calipers, scientific calculator, gauge pins, and micrometers. This entails reading the measurements correctly, maintaining the calibration, and recognizing when the tools may be out of calibration. Follow any necessary calibration procedures and documentation.
  6. Maintain accurate records. This includes making proper and legible notations on work orders, manifests and receiving paperwork, etc.
  7. Follow all documented company policies and procedures including, but not limited to safety and operations.
  8. Conduct behavior within the guidelines of the Company Vision, Beliefs and Principles Statement.

Work Shifts

Possibility of working any shift (day, swing, or sunrise). Overtime and weekend work as needed or as directed.

Specific Job Skills

  1. Operator needs to be able process the sequence of orders to be broke
  2. Employee can estimate accurately the brake time required for job bids
  3. Employee demonstrates proper techniques for working with press brakes
  4. Determine the arc of a bend or rolled piece of steel and the meaning of the terms listed below:
    1. Arc
    2. Dish
    3. Chord
    4. Acute Angle
    5. Obtuse Angle
    6. Bend Length
    7. IR - "Inside Radius"
    8. OR - "Outside Radius"
    9. ID - "Inside Dimension"
    10. OD - "Outside Dimensions" or "Outside Diameter"
    11. MD - "Mean Diameter"
  1. Follow all safety regulations and procedures while carrying out work duties.
  2. Must meet qualifications of Warehouseman
  3. Additionally, a Brake Operator requires the ability to use all tools and equipment where they are designed to function.
  4. Attention to details and accuracy in order to process the customer's order to their specifications.
  5. Needs CNC programming/operating knowledge
  6. Needs to pass an entry math test designed for brake operation and has math skills which include an emphasis on geometry and calculus.
  7. Measurement tools and computerized controls - working knowledge or the ability to learn within the training period.
  8. The following certifications may be required: forklift, crane, and other tools as required

Education and/or Experience

  • High school diploma or GED required.
  • 2+ years warehousing experience, steel service center preferred.  
  • On the Job Training consists of a period of time determined by Operations Management.
  • Valid driver's license not required.

Physical Requirements

Frequent changes in work position including but not limited to standing, walking, bending and climbing ladders. Work considered "heavy": exerting up to 110 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects. 20/40 visual acuity needed. May need to negotiate stairs, ladders and other obstacles to access certain work areas.

Ways to Apply

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