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The Staffing Consultant -- the inside sales person -- plays a vital role because the Staffing Consultant is the link between both the client companies and the associates (temporary employees). The Staffing Consultant consistently exercises discretionary judgment in administering systems and procedures in recruiting, hiring, and assigning associates to clients. The Staffing Consultant is also responsible for retaining qualified associates and for inside sales, including responsibility for increasing sales and hours by making telephone sales calls for a portion of each day. If a Staffing Consultant can assign a high percentage of associates and keep a greater number of associates working longer, the results are increased revenue, reduced recruiting costs, and better service to clients. Clients appreciate and come back for quality service. The Staffing Consultant takes the job order, assigns the associate, and follows up to ensure client satisfaction. The quality of service causes a client company to select one staffing service over another. Service is based on people, and people are never perfect. However, a good Staffing Consultant can smooth out difficulties resulting from human imperfections and assure both quality and quantity in terms of associates and assignments. Essential Functions Sales is a MUST!!!!!! •Minimum Education Bachelors degree in business, marketing, or related field suggested, or equivalent education and experience in business, sales, customer service, or public relations. •Must be able to work effectively under the stress of multiple daily deadlines and commitments. •Occasional out-of-town trips may be required to attend special events and training sessions. •Should possess strong interpersonal, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills. •Must be outgoing, energetic, positive attitude and willingness to learn and grow with company. MUST BE ABLE TO SELL FROM BEHIND A DESK!!!!!!

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