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Professional Staffing

You have the expertise, Express has the networks. Combine the two and empower yourself for success. Express places qualified job seekers at all levels and in a variety of industries. Through Express Professional Staffing services, you can find contract jobs or full-time employment in the following specialty niches*:

  • Accounting & financial jobs
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering/Manufacturing/Technical
  • Sales & Marketing positions
  • Human Resources jobs
  • Health Care
  • Scientific industries
  • Each business niche is staffed with job recruiters who are experienced professionals in their fields and have acquired the networks to market your skills to potential employers.

    When you apply at Express Employment, your personal information will be handled confidentially throughout the job search process. You will never be presented to prospective employers without your prior approval, and we will work diligently to meet your individual employment goals. That’s our guarantee.

    You can also become eligible for a variety of benefits while working with Express Employment. See Employee Benefits for a complete listing.

    Search our available job openings or contact your local Express Employment agency to get started in a new career today.

    *Niches vary by location.